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The Grotto of Wufoyan Temple

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Brief Introduction:

The Grotto of Wufoyan Temple was excavated in the Northern Wei Dynasty. It is located on the south, backing on a mountain and a river flowing in front of it. There are five big Buddhist Statues and a thousand small Buddhist Statues; hence it gets the name. The depth of the whole grotto is 9 meters and the width is 7 meters, an empty square column supporting the roof the Grotto.

Five big Buddhist Statues were put on five 5-meter-width pedestals separately, with various manners and an easy grace. There are two tall clay figures on the north and south corners respectively with dignified postures. There are 7 rows of mould small Buddhist statues on the south wall and 9 rows on the north wall, all together over 1000, so it is also called Qianfo Temple.

A Guanhe Pavilion (the river-viewing pavilion) was built by a river 100 meters southern of Wufoyan Temple. Overlooking from the Guanhe Pavilion, the river flows rapidly and there is a superb panorama. The main hall, Sanqing Palace and Caishen Pavilion are important historical sites in Wufoyan Temple. The pumping station of Jingdian first-stage construction, which is reputed as the largest in China, is located here.


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How to Get There?
Tourists can take a bus from Baiyin to Jingtai County, and then change a middle bus to Wufo Village. The fare is about 70 yuan.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
a whole day

More Tips:
Accommodation: Tourists can put in Wufo Village. The price is cheap but living condition is a little simple. Delicacy: The special flavored local delicacies are: Big Bowl Fish of Wufo, Carp of the Yellow River, Red Trout of the Yellow River, Bean Curd of Wufo, Saozi Noodle of Wufo. Tourists can enjoy the delicious foods in the restaurants near the Scenic Spot and the price is reasonable.

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