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Tiemu Mountain

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Brief Introduction to Tiemushan Mountain:

Tiemushan Mountain is a provincial forest park. Among its main peak, clear springs well from the ground, which was one of the "eight scenic spots of Huining" in the old days. Mineral spring water of Tiemushan Mountain is good-quality and sells well. Stone Tiger Temple was built in the fourth year of the Dade reign in the Yuan Dynasty, ruined in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. 24 buildings have restored their old appearance over twenty years, among which the brick carvings in Xian Palace, Laojun Cave and Sanxiao Palace are antiques.

The screen wall in front of Sangong Palace is the one from the Ming Dynasty; the rubbed brick is embossed with a picture of Qingao Driving Carp, vivid and fine, which is regarded as the treasure in the Tiemushan Mountain. The president of China Buddhism Association, Zhaopuzhi, inscribed personally the name of the scenic spot on the gateway to this scenic spot, now Tiemushan Mountain is a historic reservation of Huining County.


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How to Get There?
If you are in Baiyin City, firstly you can take a bus to Huining County, and then change a mini-bus or a middle-bus to Xianglin, Touzhaizi Village. The fare is about 50 yuan.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:00 a.m.-18:00 p.m.

More Tips:
Accommodation: Tiemushan Mountain is on one side of state No.309 highway. There are hotels at the foot of Tiemushan Mountain, so it is convenient for tourists to live, eat and trip.

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