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Ancient city of Dingzhou

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

The ancient city of Dingzhou is famous for its long history and brilliant culture. Since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Dingzhou has been always the political, economical, military and cultural center, and left rich cultural heritages to us.

The main scenic spots in Dingzhou city:

Dingzhou Gong Yuan (examination hall in feudal China): It was first built in the third year of Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, and restored later in the thirteenth year of Daoguang period. It was the examination place to be a skilful writer and senior licentiate for students from Dingzhou and neighboring area. This Gong Yuan is natural, graceful and splendid. Here we can not only experience the unique architectural art but also imagine the solemn and grand view of examination.

Dingzhou Confucian Temple: Located in the center of Dingzhou city, it first set up in 848 (the second year of Dazhong period of Tang Dynasty), is the place to enshrine the Confucius, the best-protected Confucian Temple Ancient Complex, and the Provincial Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit. It covers an area of 15685 sq.m.. Inside the temple, pines and cypresses stand in the yard and flowers and grasses lean close to each other. It is magnificent and rather quiet. The famous Twin Pagoda Trees of Dongpo is said to be the ones planted by Su Dongpo-the great eminent writer of the Song Dynasty when he was the magistrate of Dingzhou. It is still verdant and simple nowadays.

Kaiyuan Temple Tower: It is an eight-square pavilion with 83.7 meters high; the tower presented a shape of pyramid. The whole tower seems to be a smaller tower surrounded by a bigger one for cloisters enclosed walls in each floor. The tower homes the mural paintings, brick carvings, arches and colored drawings of Song Dynasty. The walls of cloisters inscribed the Buddhist niches and 30 carved stones of celebrities of various dynasties. And the five-color auspicious clouds engraved in the doors and windows in each floor symbolizes the Buddhist light illuminates all things. Here we seem to enter into a Buddhist Holy Land with wreathing burning incense. The Dingzhou Tower is upright and mighty in outward. Dingzhou was a central military town close to Liao State in the Song Dynasty. The enemy’s situation can be observed when reach the high place of the tower, so the tower has another name of ‘Liao di Tower’.   

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the Dingzhou city is located in the Beijing-Shenzhen Highway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. The traffic is very convenient.

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