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Baiyangdian Lake

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The Baiyangdian Lake is the largest natural lake that is seen in the northern part of China. Interestingly, this is also referred to as the ‘Kidney of North China’. It is primarily because this place receives abundant flow of water which also results to several bodies of water that are naturally forming within the area all year round. 
The view of the Baiyangdian Lake is can be very calming. This attraction is filled with so much serenity because of the lush plants, greeneries and a wide variety of flowers that grow within the area. 
The Baiyangdian Lake is popular for the reed marshes that are decorated by different shades of lotus flowers. There are also some animals which have found their natural habitat within the area. 
The total area which is covered by the Baiyangdian Lake sums up to 141 square miles. What makes this a wonderful location to visit especially for those who are seeking for tranquility is that, this place bursts with so much natural loveliness. Aside from the scattered reed marshes, there are also shallow lakes and other water channels which all contribute in the continuously flourishing greeneries in the surroundings.  

Things to Do

Beauty of the Lake

Regardless of the season, visiting the Baiyangdian Lake is a really great decision. During the summer months, even if the temperature increases in other parts of China, the area close to the Baiyangdian Lake remains cool. This is because of the gracefully flowing water which freshens up the atmosphere. This is also the season when the flowers are in full bloom and a lot of visitors go to this place to relieve the summer heat. In winter, the water of the lake freezes up too. The hardened ice is a captivating sight because of its sparkle. Aside from that, this also serves as the perfect place for kids to go ice skating on those months. 
The Baiyangdian Lake is at its best during the autumn months. This is the time when the greeneries are swaying along with the blowing wind. The atmosphere is also crisp and dry, perfect for a lazy stroll in the afternoon. Aside from that, it is also the autumn months when fishermen go to the waters. At this time of the year, the fishes from nearby villages swim to the lake. 

Nearby Attractions

For guests who would like to visit this place, they can opt to spend the entire day just relaxing along the shores of the lake. This is a good spot for some family picnic, during which the parents can just lounge along the shores while the kids play. 
Another option is to visit other attractions which are close by. The Baiyangdian Lake is near great spots like the Yuanfei Lotus Garden, Exotic Flavor Garden, Leisure Island and Fisherman’s Fairy Land. 
There are times when locals offer boat rides for tourists. This will give them a chance to explore the beauty of the lake as they move along the waters which are filled with endearing lotus flowers. 
For people who are in the mood to see more attractive destinations when they visit the Baiyangdian Lake, they can also opt to venture into Baiyangdian Wenhua Yuan (Culture Garden), Yuanyang Dao (Mandarin Duck Island), Baiyangdian Zhichuang (Baiyangdian Window), Baiyangdian Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden). These are places which also provide plenty of scenic views and can be great spots for the entire family. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Anxin County in Baoding City, in the middle of Hebei Province.

How to Get There?

Take a bus at Baoding South Station and get off in Anxin.

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Opening Hours:

All day, all year round

More Tips:

The best time to enjoy the beauty of Baiyangdian Lake is during the autumn months. 

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