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Grassland in the Sky

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Brief into to the scenic spot

The grassland in the sky is a peak of a great mesa with a height of 2158 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by steep mountainsides. The peak covers an area of 2400 hectares and known for the alpine meadow, forest, and grassland scenery. In the grassland there are verdurous peaks and numerous ravines. The luxurious natural second-class forests, rosebushes and herbs on the mountainside provide the living place to one dozen of kinds of wildlife. A number of alpine meadows grow in the alpine planation terrace which is over 2000 meters high above sea level. The grassland in the sky divides into two parts connected by a ridge from south to north. From midsummer to early autumn, dozens of unique and intriguing flowers blossom in the stretches of grassland. The flowers are colorful and varied, and the soft meadow feels like carpet. Here it is cool in summer, and the beautiful and unique scenery is very attractive. During the blossom season, which is over 100 days, various flowers, the golden, the scarlet, and the snow-white blossom one after another, what a beautiful view it is! If we reach to the grassland in the sky, we can walk and ride a horse to view flowers, go on a picnic and take photographs. In the midsummer, we can also bring quilts and tents to night lodge in the grassland, and then light a campfire, sing and dance or enjoy the night view, amuse ourselves to our hearts’ content. It really is a ‘Human World in the Sky’.

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How to Get There?
Take bus from Baoding to Laiyuan, and then get charted tourist bus if necessary in Laiyuan tourist reception center. It costs 20 yuan per person. Otherwise, take a charted minibus to.

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Tips: It takes 6 hour or so for the whole journey (containing the time spent in the way from the county to the spot and back)

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