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Langya Mountain

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

Langya Mountain comprises 5 hills and 36 peaks. Its main peak Lianhua Peak is 1105 meters above sea level. Soaring precipice features the north and west sides of the mountain. The other two sides are not so much steep, and there are two zigzag paths at each side to the main peak. When you reach the peak and look around in the distance, you may find the numerous peaks and ridges resembling the waves rising and falling in the sea. In a nearer distance the stone forests shaped in nature standing in both sides of the peak. And big and small Lianhua peaks resemble the lotus flowers out from water and in full bloom. The Jian Gorge surrounded by cloud and mist is very mysterious.

The beautiful scenery of Langya Mountain, the old pines and cypresses all over the mountain make you feel like enjoying a bath in a forest. In autumn, red leaves spread all over the mountainsides and ravines which can compete its beauty with the Xiangshan Red Leaves.

The red agate karst cave in the half-way of the Langya Mountain is the discovery of natural scenery in red agate at the first time for our country. You may enjoy the adventurous and peculiar view after climbing up by staircases of the cave which is the only access to the top of Lanya Mountain. 

The feat of ‘five heroes disregard of safety to jump from the precipice’ during the anti-Japanese war made the Langya Mountain famous in the world. At present, the memorial tower of the five heroes stands in the top of Qipantuo. In the obverse side of the tower carved golden-shining big characters of ‘狼牙山五勇士纪念塔’, and in the roof there are the relieves of the five heroes’ head portraits. Along the steel staircases inside the tower, we reach to the top kiosk. And if we look down, we may see that the cloud and mist curl up among thousand peaks. In this way we have enjoyed the magnificent view of Langya Mountain. 

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How to Get There?
Take bus from Baoding to Yi county, soon after that take the medium bus there to Guantou town and get off in the crossing of Langya Mountain.

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