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Mancheng Tomb

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For those who are interested to dig deeper into the history and culture of China, particularly Hebei Province, paying a visit to Mancheng Tomb can be the perfect choice. This is one of the most popular destinations in China. It is a place that is frequented by people of all ages, from various parts of the world. 
There are two reasons why this place attracts a lot of visitors every year. First is because of the dramatic beauty of the place. This is a sight that will give visitors an experience that they will never forget for the rest of their lives. Aside from that, visiting the Mancheng Tomb also provides enlightenment when it comes to the culture and history of the place. 

Things to Do 

Exploring the Mancheng Tomb

For visitors who will go to this tourist attraction in Hebei, they will be introduced to the history that envelopes it. This is the place where guests can see the tombs of Liu Sheng who is the Prince Jing of Zhongshan and his wife Dou Wan. They reigned during the Western Han Dynasty. These tombs are considered as national treasury because these can be dated back to the 113 to 104 AD. 
This place has an outstanding architecture. It mimics the ground architecture wherein the hallways, walls and ceilings were made to be exactly alike. Overall, it looks like an underground palace which is decorated with luxurious details and elaborate design elements. 

Seeing the Artifacts

Aside from being an attractive destination, this is also the home for various artifacts which echo the history of ancient China. There are items which are commonly found in tombs of those who were buried centuries ago, especially if they are considered as royalty. Traditionally, it is an old Chinese belief that their dead should be buried along with wealthy items and other objects because they will use these in their after-life. 
Among the exhibited artifacts in Mancheng Tomb are household items which are made of gold and silver, pottery with intricate designs, luxurious silk which are hand-woven and other items which reflect richness and sophistication. There are also notable items which are known to historians and collectors across the globe like the Cuo Jin Bo Shan Lu (Gilt Hill-pattern Incense Burner), Chang Xin Gong Deng (Changxin Palace Lantern), Jin Lu Yu Yi (Gold Wire and Jade Garment) and Zhu Que Xian Huan Bei (Gilt Bronze Cups with a Bird holding a Wreath in the Mouth). 

Discovering the Different Sections of the Structure

The Mancheng Tomb is not just a single structure. There are different parts which make up this place. The actual tomb of Liu Shen is 51.7 meters long, 37.5 meters wide and 6.8 meters high. Aside from this, there are also several passages, hallways and a rear chamber. 
The rooms and passages are all beautifully adorned by house items which are made of silver and gold. There are even relics which represent their slaves and these are also exhibited so that people can see them. All in all, the place is a perfect illustration of the luxurious life that Liu Shen lived, complete with all the expensive things and countless servants. 
The great thing about Mancheng Tomb is that it is well-preserved by the government. The overall structure is maintained and protected. Even if it is frequented by visitors, all items are still intact and properly cared for.  

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is about 20 kilometers in the northwest section of Baoding City.

How to Get There?

Take Bus 10 in Baoding and get off at the crossing of the Dynasty Tombs in Mancheng.

Ticket Price:

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Opening Hours:
62 yuan (including ropeway and ticket)

More Tips:

To be able to explore the different parts of the Mancheng Tomb, allocate about 2 to 3 hours in this place. 

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