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Sky Bridge Waterfall Groups Scenic Area

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

Sky Bridge Waterfall Groups Scenic Area covers an area of 50, in which the vegetation account for 95%. It enjoys a high reputation of ‘the east gate of Wutai Mountain and the garden in west of Beijing and Tianjin; the ancient foundation of north China and its green water irrigates the plains’.  

The main body of the park Sky Bridge Waterfall Groups is located in the Sky Bridge ditch (place name). One ditch and nine waterfalls assume the ladder shape being linked together layer upon layer. The fall varies from dozens of meters to hundreds of meters, among which the Galaxy Splashing Waterfall in Yaotai Mountain is as high as 112.5 meters. When gentle breezes come, the waterfall resembles a white satin falling apart into innumerable white hada. Above the waterfall there is a stone bridge by nature, dating back 28 to 29 hundred million years ago. The bridge is 27 meters by 13 meters by 13 meters high. It bestrides the waterfall from south to north. The bridge is the first one to be discovered in the country of metamorphism gneissgranite. The bridge by nature and the Galaxy Waterfall together form a unique geological wonder, with 30 waterfalls in the neighboring ditches and valleys to form the biggest waterfall groups of north China. With splashing beads, it really is a grand view.    

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