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Wang Family Manor in Yaoshan Town

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

The manor was built in early Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty by Wangxigun, the ancestor of Wang Family, dating back over 300 years ago.

It covers an area of 18.6 hectares, originally included 50 suits of courtyards and 500 houses. At present it remains only 4.33 hectares and 163 houses. The main architectural layout is a quadrangle, nestling north and facing south. Inside the manor, there are two lines of east and west courtyard houses. The front and back, left and right are linked together. The entire building gives first place to gray tune, looks simple and unsophisticated, and impresses us with solemnity and elegance. The building is neither the same as the imperial palace nor the same as general folk residence. It is the best of folk residences in north China. It is the precious materials to study the folk customs in the Qing Dynasty as well as tourist destination. Recently it became the film-shooting scene. Many films chose this place as scenes such as ‘The Story at the Beginning of Unstable Situation’, ‘The Great Campaign’, and TV plays such as ‘The Hot Soil’, ‘The Song of Youth’, and ‘The Barn under Heaven’.

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Reach along the Baoge Road from Baoding

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