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West Mausoleum of the Qing Emperor

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

The West Mausoleum of the Qing Emperor occupies a space of 100 It is the mausoleums of four emperors of the Qing Dynasty, including 14 mausoleums of Tai Mausoleum of Yongzheng, Chang Mausoleum of Jiaqing, Mu Mausoleum of Daoguang and Chong Mausoleum of Guangxu, 3 back mausoleums and those of princesses and concubines. It is quiet and beautiful, owning the largest forest of old pines in north China. It is said that all were transplanted in the construction of the West Mausoleum. Numerous pines and cypresses decorated this area comely, luxuriant but simple.   

The West Mausoleum of the Qing Emperor is magnificent and complete. The Tai Mausoleum of Yongzheng is the head of the mausoleum area, which was built earliest and was largest in scale. Among the 60 buildings, the great red gate in the south ending is spectacular and the 3 stone toriis in front of the door is not only grand and tall but also fine engraved which is the only torri group in enclosure shape in the country. The mausoleum takes the yellow colored glaze tiles to cover its top, showing the royal nobleness. The other three mausoleums of emperors go no far in the scale and grandness but they are of distinctive features: the echo stone and echo wall in Chang Mausoleum is comparable to the echo wall of Tiantan in Beijing, the dragon carved in Nan wood and gold thread in Mu Mausoleum is delicate, luxury and grand, the Long’en Palace in Chong Mausoleum really is a palace with ‘coppery girders and iron pillows’, the whole palace is built with the materials of hard Strongylocentrotus and Tiezao.  

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If you come from Beijing, you can take bus in the Lize Bridge Coach Bus Station to Yi county, the earliest one departs in 6am, and every half an hour it departs. Or take middle bus in Baoding.

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