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Yesanpo Scenic Area

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Brief introduction to the scenic spots

Yesanpo is a newly developed tourist area. It has a total space of over 600 kilometers and is a State Key Scenic Area. The mountains, rivers, springs, caves, woods, flowers and grasses in nature forms the distinctive scenery here. Here is only 100 kilometers away from Beijing and is a hot spot in Beijing suburb tourism.

Yesanpo mainly includes 6 scenic spots: the Baili Gorge, Juma River (ju ma come from the history that one general rejected the invading army and horses), Fodong Tower, Baicaopan Virgin Forest, Dragon Gate Gorge, and Jinghua Mountain scenic area. Baili Gorge vista is 52500 meters long and comprises three serene gorges of Begonia Gorge, Scorpion Gully and Shixuan Gorge. The narrowest place in the valley is less than 10 meters long and soaring precipice on both sides presented very deep, serene and mysterious. The view of various stones and karst caves in the gorges embraces 68 spots of the ‘One Line Sky’, ‘The Inverted Moon Image in the Dragon Pool’, ‘Mo’er Cliff’, ‘Iron Head Cliff’, ‘Tiger’s Mouth’, ‘Head Back Guanyin’, ‘Up the Sky Bridge’, and ‘Down the Sky Bridge’, etc. It is the rarely seen serene valley in north China.

The Juma River scenic spot is quiet and serene. Here the climate is cool; the water is exceptionally clear, and the banks dotted unique peaks and rocks of grotesque formations. In the hot summer you can go boating following the current and feast eyes on the scenery of the banks. The holiday villages set up in the area are the summer resorts.

The scenic area of Fodong Tower, named for its tower shaped peaks and Buddhist statues in the cave. The Baicaopan virgin forests, named for the weeds growing all over the mountains. The majestic and upright are the mountains, clear and crisp are the springs, and dense and verdant are the natural woods which covers an area of over 6666 hectares. The scenic area of Dragon Gate Gorge dotted Great Dragon Gate Castle, Caishu’an Green Wall and Moya Stone Inscriptions. In the scenic area of Jinghua Mountain, the scenes flavored with endless forest sea, splashing waterfalls, soaring a-thousand-year-old gingko, unique ancient building Qingchan Temple. Above all, the ethnic villages also can be found in the Yesanpo scenic area. Tourists may experience the customs of various minority nationalities.

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How to Get There?
It is near Beijing; therefore, tourists can leave from Beijing South Bus Station and take tourist bus No.7 which departs at 7:30am. It takes two hours to get Yesanpo. And at 3:20pm, the tourist bus No.8 will go back to Beijing. Tourists may take the coach bus from Baoding to Laishui, too.

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