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Baoding Travel Guide

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Baoding Overview

Located in the middle and west part of Hebei province, Baoding city boards the city of Langfang and Cangzhou in the east, Shanxi in the west, Shijiazhuang and Hengshui cities in the south, and Beijing and Zhangjiakou in the north. It consists of four attached cities, three districts and thirty eight counties, which is formerly the political, military and cultural center of Hebei province (used to call Zhili province).

Baoding city was set up in the Han Dynasty, i.e. over 2000 years ago. In the Yuan Dynasty, Baoding Road was established, which was used to mean ‘to defend Dadu (the capital city of the country at that time) and to stabilize the country’, thus started the history of Baoding city.

Baoding is one of China excellent tourist cities and a famous historical and cultural city approved by the state. There are five types of tourist resources: the cultural and revolution heritages represented by World’s Heritage West Mausoleum of the Qing Emperor and Red Tourist Attraction Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Heritages respectively, the mountain and water landscapes marked by Baiyangdian and White Stone Mountain, the special shopping markets Anguo Oriental Medical Center, the folk and social customs marked by savoring medicinal diet and taking medicinal bath, the cultural heritages and holiday resorts represented by Zhuozhou film and video shooting base, in which the cultural tourism, water country view and Red Tourism are the most distinctive tourism items of Baoding and enjoy great popularity with numerous tourists.