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Fengxiang East Lake

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For tourists who would like to experience and witness a traditional and peaceful Chinese scenery, then the Fengxiang East Lake is a good destination. Interestingly, even if much of the parts of Baoji have been developed and modernized, this attraction has kept its quaint charm. The structure within the lake is still reflective of the traditional Chinese architecture with its elaborate designs and intricate decorations. The water of the lake is very serene which makes it impossible not to feel relaxed when one sees it. The area surrounding the lake is also beautifully adorned by a by various greeneries and towering trees. It is the perfect spot for unwinding and forgetting about anxiety.

The Fengxiang East Lake is located about 159 kilometers to the eastern section of Xi’an. During the olden times, this lake was originally called as the Phoenix Drinking Pond. The reason for this is because old stories say that the phoenix of Zhouwenwang, the founder of Zhou Dynasty, drank by this lake when they passed by it.

In 1601, the lake was utilized as a source of water for the locals. Su Shi, who is known as a politician and poet during the Song Dynasty, ordered to have the lake enlarged. This was done by building passageway for water from the Jun River. This was also the time when the lake was renamed to East Lake, making it the sister of the West Lake which is found in Hangzhou.

Things To Do

Since 1601, the progress within the area went on and on. After the lake has been enlarged, the next developments include a bridge and pavilion. Today, there are three main sections in the Fengxiang East Lake which can be checked out by tourists. These three are the inside lake, the outside lake and the Su Temple.

The inside lake consists of the main body of water. The water remains peaceful, regardless of the time of the year. Hence, visitors who drop by this attraction can always enjoy the serene view. The outside lake covers the area which surrounds the main body of water and the extension of waterways from the Jun River. This area looks amazing because of the natural beauty that it possesses. The rich greeneries are more than enough to enliven the look of the place. Of course, there is also the Su Temple. This is an adorable structure which sits right on the water. It is connected to the banks with a bridge that goes perfectly well with the laborious and traditional architecture of the temple.

One of the more common activities that tourists do here in Fengxiang East Lake is to take the boat ride. This will enable guests to explore the entirety of the place while being mesmerized by the calm sailing. They can gaze at the endearing lotus flowers which grow all over the place. There is also a section in Fengxiang East Lake which is filled with willows and bamboos.

For others, they would much rather go for a leisurely walk along the banks. Tourists would pass by numerous carved stones, Chinese calligraphies and paintings. These serve as decoration for the place but more importantly, they tell much about the rich heritage and culture that the Chinese have. There are also several bridges which can be found within Fengxiang East Lake. Some are still functioning while others have been broken yet each one remains an interesting addition to the overall look of the Fengxiang East Lake.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Baoji, Shaanxi Province

How to Get There?

 From the main roads of Baoji City, take a bus going to Xi’an.

Ticket Price:

 10 CNY

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

More Tips:

Afternoon trips to the Fengxiang East Lake are most ideal because it is the perfect time for a boat ride or a stroll around the place.


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