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Red River Valley Park

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The Red River Valley Park is one of the tourist attractions in Shaanxi Province that is most frequented by thousands of visitors all year round. This has an irresistible enigma which draws a lot of people to go to this place.

The Red River Valley Park covers up to 20 acres. This is found right at the foot of the Taibai Mountain. Because of that, the horizon of this place is absolutely picturesque. For people who would like to take photographs of this scenic destination, they can point their cameras to any section and they would still be able to take postcard-worthy images.

The significance of Red River Valley Park does not end with just its beauty. This is also an important area especially when it comes to preservation of rare species. Although the Red River Valley Park is open for public, the government has implemented proper protection for some of the sections. This applies especially for the specific locations which serve as breeding ground for endangered animals.

Without a doubt, the reason why this has become a dwelling ground even for the rare species is because of the rich environment and impressive maintenance of its natural beauty.

Things To Do

All year round, people flock to the Red River Valley Park to unwind and relax. Usually, tourists take one of the trails to be able to explore the rest of the surroundings. They can follow the designated paths which would lead them to different sections of the area. This will give them an opportunity to really immerse into the beauty that the surroundings has. There are tall trees and a myriad of flower and plants.

Another reason why people go to Red River Valley Park is because this has served as one of the main pathways when going to the top of the Taibai Mountains. Trekkers, mountain climbers and even those who would like to meditate in the mountains would stop by the Red River Valley Park to prepare for their adventure towards the top of the mountain.

There are small commercial establishments which can be found within the Red River Valley Park. These are managed and operated by the locals in order to serve tourists better. For those who are staying within the park, they can find snack bars and other places to stop by for some relaxation. On the other hand, people who plan to go to the top of the mountain can avail the services of locals who are tour guides. Tourists may also find some of their essential needs among the small stores which they could bring with them as they climb up the mountain.

For those who do not have intentions of going to the top of the mountain, staying within the Red River Valley Park is a brilliant idea too. Since it is situated at the foot of Mount Taibai, the climate here is cool and friendly almost all year round. It could get a bit cold during the winter months but this only makes the experience even more pleasurable.

Tourists can choose among the four scenic spots which can be found within Red River Valley Park. There is the Doumu Waterfall which is about 80 meters high. The sight of this is absolutely breath-taking. There is also a gently flowing river. Along the banks are some boats which tourists could hire.

It is also impressive how many historic sites can be seen within Red River Valley Park. Among which are the Lotus Cave, Jinlin Temple, Avalokitesvara Temple, Jade Emperor Tower and Wendong Temple.

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Baoji, Shaanxi Province

How to Get There?

Though there are public bus routes which could take passengers close to the park, it is best to take a cab directly to this place.

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Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

Autumn and spring months have the best climate in this area.

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