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The Resource of Jialing River

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Belonging to one of four major scenic spots of National Forest Park of Tiantai Mountain, the whole area is 3,600 hectares. The famous Jialing River rises in the scenic spot in more than 2,800 meters above sea level.

Qinling Mountains serves as the line of demarcation of the weather between China's north and south, as well as the watershed of the river systems between the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. There are more than 40 scenic interests in the scenic spot. The grotesque peak is lofty, the rivers limpid, the forest dense. Seven women peaks are dark green and beautiful. The help hectoliter and sudden stones looks remarkably true to life. The scud waterfall and black dragon pool's imposing manner are grand. In a word, the scenery is pleasant in four seasons and the natural landscape is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

Also there are a large amount of human historical sites in the scenic spot, such as the ground where Liu Bang, first emperor of Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD), made tea, the platform where Zhuge Liang (181-234, statesman and strategist in the period of Three Kingdoms) called the muster roll of officers and assigned them fighting tasks.

Zhu Rongji,the former premier, had been to the scenic spot for a sightseeing and posed for a photo there.

The scenic spot is an ideal place to escape summer heat or spend one’s holiday, because the scenic spot lies at 1,500-2,800 meters above the sea-level, the forest weather being cool and humid, the air being fresh, and the water clean. The average temperature in a year is 15 centigrade, and the highest temperature in summer is 32 centigrade.

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How to Get There?
⑴ Tourists can get off the train at Qinling Railway station. ⑵ If one travels by car, please get off the car at the point of 33 kilometers of the highway ⑶ There are express buses from the downtown as well.

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More Tips:
(1) Tourists mainly feed on wild vegetables and fresh fish and meat when stay in the scenic spot. (2)The scenery is enchanting all year around: in spring, the average temperature is 15 centigrade; one can enjoy all many rare and valuable flowers such as: yulan magnolia and wild cuckoo. The average temperature is 20 centigrade in summer, one may stay away for summer holidays, watching sun rising and the cloud sea there. When autumn comes, one can appreciate grand autumn landscape in cool and clear days. In winter, the average temperature is 12 centigrade with special winter views like glazed frost and rime. (3) Recommended time for a visit:The scenic spot area is an ideal place to spend hot summer for it remains cool and comfortable in summer days. The scenery in autumn is very attractive too. The best time for a visit is from July to October.

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