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The Kubuqi Desert

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In the dialect of Inner Mongolian, Kubuqi Desert actually means the bowstring. This splendid desert lies south of Yellow River. It is shaped like an elongated band which extends around 400 kilometers east to west.

It is around 50 km wide towards the west, 20 km in the east. The desert covers an area of around 16,756 square kilometers and is the seventh largest in China.

kubuqi desert

Things to Do

Kubuqi Desert is situated in the highlands of north Ordor. The highlight of this location is its Resonant Sand Gorge that is located on the northeastern side of the desert.

Rich Experiences for Travelers

One of the main reasons why the Kubuqi Desert is so popular is because it is the closest one from Beijing. It offers rich experiences and beautiful scenery such as an oasis, wetlands, grasslands, lakes and the desert which can all be found in this single area. Other than that, more than a thousand birds such as the rare white swans are known to inhabit this area of the desert. This beautiful desert has been shaped like a bow, earning it its name. The desert, when observed from above looks like a beautiful golden bow.

The Sand Dunes

The sand dunes in the desert are generally about 15 meters high. Around 85% of the area of the Kubuqi Desert is made up of the moving dunes. Many of these sand dunes are located on the edge of this desert and they can move so quickly that they actually meet the Maowusu Sand Land located in the West.

The Ordos Desert

Ordos Desert is a steppe region and desert located on a plateau in Inner Mongolia’s south. The soil of this location is a mix of sand and clay. This is one of the reasons why it is not suitable for agriculture. It covers an area of around 90,650 sq km and comprises of two deserts: the Maowusu Desert and the Kubuqi Desert.

kubuqi desert

The Resonant Sand Gorge

The Resonant Sand Gorge is located on the north of the desert and is the biggest attraction in the area. It is located around 3 kilometers from 210 State Highway as well as 44 km from Baotou City in its north. This is a place with immense natural beauty and one that offers beautiful views. The sand dunes are backed by Kubuqi Desert and the dunes are in the shape of a crescent.

The gradient is of 45 degrees and the height is 110 meters. The name of the gorge was because it creates an echoing Shhh sound as you step on its surface. Many believe the noise is because of sand slipping. It is also believed that Marco Polo had thought the sounds of that of demons that were luring visitors to their death.


Since it is a huge tourist destination, there are a number of activities and conveniences available in the area. Visitors can spend their time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the endless desert, build beautiful sand castles, slide down the sand dunes, try their hand at parasailing, camel rides and much more. Water, eatable items and various other drinks are available at certain locations when you visit this area.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The Kubuqi Desert is located north of Baotou City’s Ordos Plateau.

How to Get There?

There is no public transportation available to the desert. This is one of the reasons why it is important to join a traveler club.

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Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

A  healthy body  is needed for hiking there and it is strongly recommend not go there oneself.

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