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Zhaojun Island Tourist Resort

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The Zhaojun Island is surrounded by the Yellow River branching in Inner Mongolia on three sides. It is also home to the statue of Zhaojun with a pipa in his hands which is one the reasons why the island got its name.

The island is home to 25 different types of plants that grow in the desert or on the land and many different types of birds.

Things to Do

The Main Attractions

The Zhaojun Island and the resort offers a stunning and a very beautiful scenery for tourists to enjoy. This is the location where visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the Yellow River as it winds down around the island. The Sightseeing Tower on the island is perhaps the best place to enjoy gorgeous views of the surrounding area. The northern part of the island is home to large parts of reed marshes, smaller regions with lakes and rivers. It is also home to an authentic Mongolian restaurant that not just offers the authentic Mongolian food and flavor but also fresh carp from the Yellow River for which it is famous.

The Landscape

One of the reasons why the Zhaojun Island Tourist Resort attracts so many tourists is because of the landscape that it offers. The island is surrounded by the Yellow River on three sides. It is home to a desert, reed marshes and a lot of exciting wild life and birds. The Zhaojun Island is home to 25 different species of birds. The desert or land grows 25 different types of plants that are exciting for bird watchers and those who love nature.

The Viewing Floor

The Zhaojun Island is only 4 kilometers wide from west to east. It is 2.5 kilometers wide north to south and offers a beautiful, unspoiled natural environment. The viewing floor on the island in the sightseeing tower offers a broad panoramic view of the magnificent Yellow River. Lush swing can be found north of its reed marshes. Visitors can go rafting in the area to enjoy the beautiful views of Jiangnan Water Village. The fauna and flora of the island is rich with dry plants that thrive in the desert.


Another attraction in the area is Batu which is a township that has been financed by the government for constructing a tourist attraction. The island is also home to various other attractions such as the Crescent Bay, Creek, Dragon Bay and many natural water sources. It has 8 sq km of natural grasslands with migratory winter birds that can be seen throughout the year.

The Bird Habitat

The island is also home to a bird breeding and habitat center. Visitors may also be able to spot Mongolian Muskrat and the red fox, swans and rare birds. The local government has taken many steps to encourage and enhance tourism in the area.


For the convenience of tourists, there are yurts, ferries, yachts, motor boats, restaurants, Mongolian authentic food as well as many other facilities available. Tourists can enjoy beautiful natural views from the island. There are many activities that tourists can indulge in too such as recreational activities, fishing, horse riding and swimming. The island is also known for the Wang Zhaojun statue that embraces the pipa which is a spectacular monument to observe.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The Zhaojun Island Tourist Resort is located close to the Baotou City, Inner Mongolia in China.

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

CNY 20

Opening Hours:

8:30 am to 6:30 PM

More Tips:

When visiting the island, try the Yellow River carp in the local Mongolian restaurant.

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