Buluke Prairie

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Bayan bluck prairie is made of two Zhuletusi Top digit intermont basins which include a big one and a small one, as well as the mountainous area knoll pasture. As the second biggest prairie only inferior to E’erguosi prairie, Bayan bluck prairie is 636 kilometers from Ku’erle city, with an area of 23,000 square kilometers and an elevation of 2,000 to 2,500 meters. It is surrounded by snowy mountains, with bold and unconstrained topography, as well as plenty water and lush grass, forming a very beautiful scenery. The well-known “Swan Lake”, as the only swan nature preserve, just locates here. When swans are dancing, with the flowers of the snowy mountains, it is just like a world of fairy tales. 

Bayan bluck means “rich spring” in Mongolian. In 2,600 years ago, there were Gushi people living here. In Qing Qianlong 36th year (1771), some Mongolian groups like Tu’erhute and Heshuote, led by Wo Baxi, revolted to the East from Volga River of Russia and then in 1773 they were arranged to settle down in Bayan bluck and Kaidu River. In the prairie, there were green and exuberant grass, groups of cattle and sheep, surrounded by groups of mountains and belt-liking rivers, as well as fluctuated topography and various plants. Bayan bluck also has the vast territory, flat topography, with plenty of water and lush grass. Besides, you can find good quality “Ghee Grass” everywhere, with over 60,000 cattle and sheep being fed, and it is one of the husbandry bases in Xinjiang. Here is also rich in Yanqi Tianshan horse, Bayan bluck big-tail sheep, Chinese Meilinu sheep and yak (“Tank in the Plateau”), all of which were praised as “Four Treasures of the Prairie”. Every midsummer, in the prairie, various fresh flowers are blossoming and competing with each other, and groups of sheep are just like white clouds lousing around, with snow lotus-like yurts reposing among them.

From June 4th to 6th of lunar calendar (the traditional Chinese calendar), you can come to Bayan bluck to take part in grand meeting of the prairie “ the Nadam” once a year, watching the performances of horse racing, wrestling, dancing and some other items. You can also buy some souvenirs with typical national features in the trade fair here. Jun 4th of the lunar calendar is the Mongolian Tageleng Festival and in Tageleng Mountain, there are monks with cassock and Faqi (a musical instrument used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass) in hand, sitting up outside of yurt and chanting lections in early morning. For those Mongolian and Tibetan disciples, they just wear splendid attires, with fragrant smoke suffusing around, walking while chanting round the biggest Mongolian cairn. They also hang the sutra steamer, worship Buddha and bless for each other. As to those competitive activities, they are so impressive that tourists are reluctant to go.  

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How to Get There?
You can take bus from Urumqi to Bayin bluck prairie. The specific route is as follows: the bus goes along Wuyi road and then turned to Duku road for over 460 kilometers, and then it can get to Hejing County. Otherwise, the train from Tulufan to Hejing County is also available. From Hejing County, there are over 300 kilometer rugged mountainous road to reach Bayan bluck prairie.

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1.Recommended Time for Visiting: one day 2. The best time for traveling Bayan bluck is September. In the prairie, the temperature is relatively low, so you have to cover thick cotton quilt when you sleep at night, even in July, August and September of the summer.

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