Golden Sand Beach

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Heshuo Golden Sand Beach Tourism District is located in the north of Yanqi county, Heshuo county of Bayan gol Mongolian Municipality in Xinjiang. It is in the north-east bank of Bositeng Lake, the biggest interior fresh water, and is 369 kilometers from Urumqi. It is one of the well-known scenic areas of “Five Areas and Three Routes” which belong to the development strategy of tourism resources made by Xinjiang Uygur municipality. It is also a summer tourism resort in Xinjiang, whose outdoor bathing place is with the material of golden fine sand on the ground, thus got the name” Golden Sand Beach”. Here the lake water is limpid and many seagulls are circling on the sea, which is also called “Hawaii of Xinjiang”.

You can get to West Sea seashore – Golden Sand Beach from the west part of Wushentala village for 23 kilometers. Watching it at a glance, you can see ten thousand hectares of flat lake and connection of the sky and the sea. The silvery sand is very fine and soft, and the slow slope of 1.7 % lake and the sand beach with the length of 2000 meters and the width of 60 meters, which has just provided a natural bathing place for people to swim and play with water here. Taking a yacht to the center of the lake, you can see the towering mountains covered with ice and snow in the distance of the north; you can also overlook the fluctuated sand mountains with the coexistence of both sand and water in the south, which is very mysterious. The long blue water and lots of fishing boats make kind of sky-blue tender feelings. The sunshine, the sand beach and the ocean waves here are all very special attractions in the West Sea. It is distributed nearby many reed marshes with green waves of reeds, which has become the paradise of water birds. The crisscross water routes in the reed marshes, cloud-like green waves as well as the flying and singing water birds all create a beautiful ink landscape painting, just as was said in a poem “ the growing grass, flat lake as well as flying egret”. At present, Golden Sand Beach Club Ma Lan Holiday Village has been open to the tourists.

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1.Recommended Time for Visiting: one day 2.Climate: Heshuo County is located in the Hongjishan plain area in front of the mountain, surrounded by mountains in three directions. Due to the sheltering from the mountains in three sides, the average wind power annually is not very strong, superadded with the adjustment of vapor’s evaporation in Bositeng Lake with an area of 1,107 square kilometers, and the climate in most part of the area is very mild and humid. The average sunlight time per year is 3166 hours and it is usually sunny and windless in the whole year, very suitable for trave

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