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Mongolian Diet

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/6

The staple food of Mongolian in Bayan gol is based on beef, mutton and horsemeat; as to the rice and noodle, the most distinctive one is Torguts pie, which is made of milk dough drop, honey together with some seasoners, as well as some eatable fresh flowers in the grass as the stuffing. The skin of the pie is made of well fermented and kneaded dough, which is made in a very delicate way, namely, it has to be kneaded for scores of times, mixed with eggs. And the dough needs to be kneaded very smooth and lustrous before it can be used to wrap the stuffing, and then it is baked with slow fire. This pie tastes very sweet, crisp and flavorful, which can only be available in some festivals or happy events and is not made commonly. The milk products here mainly include cheese, milk Guozi ( a deep fried food), milk husk, milk bean curd, milk pastry, milk steamed bread; in addition, there is another Luck Guo ( a deep fried food), which is made of the mixture of butter, acid cheese, flour, ghee and honey. This kind of refine food can also be eaten only in some festivals. As to the beverage, they usually drink black tea with milk, which is made by confecting the fu tea with milk, sheep’s milk and a little salt or sugar and then boil it up. In this way, it can be drunk. The Mongolian’s favorite drink is wine made of mare’ milk, namely, using mare’s milk to ferment and steam it, which has very low alcohol content, usually about 3 to 5 degree. It is very nutritious and has nourishing effect to tuberculosis and tummy bug.