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Nuo Bo

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/4/17

According to history record, over 1000 years ago, when the famous Arabian scholar Abur Falaye wrote the book” Integration of songs” in his late years, he was quite weak physically and even a lot of medicines did not help to alleviate a bit. Soon it seemed that he could not finish the last part of the works, and later he tried to create kind of meal, which was made mainly of the material including carrot, common onion, mutton and rice, all of which are not only the food full of nutrition, but also very efficient for sterilization and disinfection. It is really can be called “Nourishing Meal of Ten Goods”. Since then he ate it for several months which resulted in his recovery, thus he finished the compilation of his magnum opus in which he recorded the way and material used to make this meal in detail. Afterwards, this kind of meal was passed to Bayan gol and became one of Uygur’s common foods in daily life. Once a scholar said that people of Uygur nationality is good at making food most in the world. Their meal is not only delicious, but can treat illness as well as help people keep fit, so people of various races all like the meal they make, which is the main reason why their meal became nationally well-known.