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Bayan Gol Food

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Bayan Gol Featured Food:

Nuo Bo

According to history record, over 1000 years ago, when the famous Arabian scholar Abur Falaye wrote the book” Integration of songs” in his late years, he was quite weak physically and even a lot of medicines did not help to alleviate a bit. Soon it seemed that he could not finish the last part of the works, and later he tried to create kind of meal, which was made mainly of the material including carrot, common onion, mutton and rice, all of which are not only the food full of nutrition, but also very efficient for sterilization and disinfection. It is really can be called “Nourishing Meal of Ten Goods”. Since then he ate it for several months which resulted in his recovery, thus he finished the compilation of his magnum opus in which he recorded the way and material used to make this meal in detail. Afterwards, this kind of meal was passed to Bayan gol and became one of Uygur’s common foods in daily life. Once a scholar said that people of Uygur nationality is good at making food mo

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Mongolian Diet

The staple food of Mongolian in Bayan gol is based on beef, mutton and horsemeat; as to the rice and noodle, the most distinctive one is Torguts pie, which is made of milk dough drop, honey together with some seasoners, as well as some eatable fresh flowers in the grass as the stuffing. The skin of the pie is made of well fermented and kneaded dough, which is made in a very delicate way, namely, it has to be kneaded for scores of times, mixed with eggs. And the dough needs to be kneaded very smooth and lustrous before it can be used to wrap the stuffing, and then it is baked with slow fire. This pie tastes very sweet, crisp and flavorful, which can only be available in some festivals or happy events and is not made commonly. The milk products here mainly include cheese, milk Guozi ( a deep fried food), milk husk, milk bean curd, milk pastry, milk steamed bread; in addition, there is another Luck Guo ( a deep fried food), which is made of the mixture of butter, acid cheese, flour, ghe

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Big Plate Of Five Black ( Name Of A Fish)

About Big Plate of Five Black, there is a story. After 1980s, the perch of Bositeng Lake (also called five black popularly), has delicate and fresh meat, and is usually cooked by deep frying or steaming, which is seldom served as an exquisite dish in a banquet. One day a group of high-class gourmets of Chinese Gourmet Association came to visit Bositeng Lake where they wanted to try some delicate and special dishes in a restaurant, which is especially good at cooking fish. For that, a strange idea suddenly stuck the cook Lv Yijie’s mind, who works in Bayan gol Hotel. He did not use the usual way to cook five black, instead he fried four five black of about one-fourth kilogram each. During the cooking, spice but no vinegar was added, and tomato jam was put to make some acid taste; sugar was replaced by honey, and salt was put but no monosodium glutamate; pepper and Ziran were used as the added ingredients. When this was done, it colored with red, golden, green and white, which looks ve

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Nine Bowls And Three Lines

Nine Bowls and Three Lines can be regarded as the most famous dish among Hui people. It means the dishes in a banquet are put into 9 bowls of the same size, which have to be put in square with 3 bowls in each side. No matter which direction you look at them, there are three lines, thus it got the name “Nine Bowls and Three Lines”. As to the serving in a banquet, it is quite fastidious. Usually the dish with meat in four corners should be served first, which called “the circle of the corner”; and then, the dishes in four sides can be served and the names of two dishes which are facing each other have to be symmetrical. It is called “Men Zi”. Men Zi dish means the names of the dishes are same while the design and material can be different somehow. For example, if the dish in the east side is chicken wing, the one in the west side have to be duck wing, which can be put some caraway, spring onion, blue radish and carrot to make different colors. In this way, the dish can be made very abs

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