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Big Plate of Five Black ( name of a fish)

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/22

About Big Plate of Five Black, there is a story. After 1980s, the perch of Bositeng Lake (also called five black popularly), has delicate and fresh meat, and is usually cooked by deep frying or steaming, which is seldom served as an exquisite dish in a banquet. One day a group of high-class gourmets of Chinese Gourmet Association came to visit Bositeng Lake where they wanted to try some delicate and special dishes in a restaurant, which is especially good at cooking fish. For that, a strange idea suddenly stuck the cook Lv Yijie’s mind, who works in Bayan gol Hotel. He did not use the usual way to cook five black, instead he fried four five black of about one-fourth kilogram each. During the cooking, spice but no vinegar was added, and tomato jam was put to make some acid taste; sugar was replaced by honey, and salt was put but no monosodium glutamate; pepper and Ziran were used as the added ingredients. When this was done, it colored with red, golden, green and white, which looks very absorbing that all of these gourmets gave a high value on it and also named it “Big Plate of Five Black”. As a result, cook Lv became the first superfine chef of Bayan gol, and then even the famous chef of his generation. At the same time, Big Plate of Five Black became a very expensive dish, whose smell has filled all of Bayan gol.