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Nine Bowls and Three Lines

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/4/16

Nine Bowls and Three Lines can be regarded as the most famous dish among Hui people. It means the dishes in a banquet are put into 9 bowls of the same size, which have to be put in square with 3 bowls in each side. No matter which direction you look at them, there are three lines, thus it got the name “Nine Bowls and Three Lines”. As to the serving in a banquet, it is quite fastidious. Usually the dish with meat in four corners should be served first, which called “the circle of the corner”; and then, the dishes in four sides can be served and the names of two dishes which are facing each other have to be symmetrical. It is called “Men Zi”. Men Zi dish means the names of the dishes are same while the design and material can be different somehow. For example, if the dish in the east side is chicken wing, the one in the west side have to be duck wing, which can be put some caraway, spring onion, blue radish and carrot to make different colors. In this way, the dish can be made very absorbing in color, smell and taste, which is very attractive.