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Bayan Gol Shopping

Bayan Gol Local Products:

Bositeng Lake Wild Mushroom

The Wild Mushroom in Bositeng Lake is another famous product of Bayan gol and it mainly grows in the bank of the lake, weed-infested water and Huzhou Island. Besides, there are also some other famous specialities, like fig, bluish dogbane tea, liquorice piece, and grapes, etc.

Ruoqiang Red Jujubi

Chinese jujube is regarded as a holly tree by people of various races in Ruoqiang. It can help pregnant women to invigorate vital energy and have a spontaneous delivery, help lying-in women nourish the blood and promote lactation, help the elder relieve a cough, and help children keep fit. The elder Ruoqiang people had the custom of offering sacrifice to the jujube with some offerings.

Loulan Winter Peach

The nature creates numberless mysteries for the mankind. In Loulan, where many mysteries of the ages have come out continuously, there is also kind of fruit tree, which remains a undone mystery for all time, i.e. Loulan Winter Peach. When all the other trees start to branch out, Winter Peach seems to have not woken up yet. Until March of late spring according to lunar calendar, it is reluctant to sprout with small cuspate leaf bud coming out.

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