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Wuliangsu Sea

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Wuliangsu Sea, entitled as “a bright pearl in the north of the Great Wall”, covering an area of 293 square kilometers, is a large lake in Mongolia and a well-known traveling resort. Wuliangsu Sea, poplar trees in Mongolian, originally was a low-lying land full of poplar trees with a passage of Furiotile Lake from ancient North River covering 20 hectares, but later it collected mountain torrents and receding water from Hetao Irrigation District to form the present Wuliangsu Sea extending 50 kilometers from north to south and 20 kilometers from east to west. Luxuriant reeds and aquatic grasses growing and floating on the lake, with over 20 types of fish such as carps, grass carps, chubs and rudds, and so on in the lake, it is especially famous for Yellow River carps in Inner Mongolia. Moreover, in spring, summer and autumn, it enjoys a vista of blooming and fragrant flowers, singing and dancing birds, with more than 130 types of rare birds settled down and propagated, among which protected by the state are whooperswns, whooping swans, lute herons and Banzui pelicans etc. when the infinite and misty sea reflects the silver bright sunlight, the water and the blue endless sky, the scenery is splendid with the surface rippled and gliding. In spring or summer, the shady trees are swaying in the breeze; the lake and aquatic grasses bring out the best in each other, and the blue sky and the clean water add beauty and radiance to each other, which makes the sea peaceful but full of beauty and passion. Wula Mountain at the south tip of A’liben Grassland is full of towering and peculiar peaks and bizarre stones. Standing on the mountain top and looking to the northwest, you will enjoy a bird view of the scenery including the lake, the grassland and the mountain

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