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Bayannaoer Overview

Bayannao'er City, situated in due north of China and the west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total area of 64,4000 square kilometers and population of 1,760,000, is a bright pearl inlaid on the big curve of the Yellow River. Since Bayannao'er was upgraded from a union to a city in 2003, Bayannao'er City governs one district, two counties and four Qi, including Linhe District, Wuyuan County, Dengkou County, Hangjin Houqi, Wulate Qianqi, Wulate Zhongqi and Wulate Houqi. Bayannao'er means an abundant lake in Mongolian.

As the origin of Hetao culture, Bayannao'er, where natural scenery and the cultural relics add beauty and radiance to each other, has not only the dinosaur fossil area and Yin Mt. rock-- paintings both of great Archaeological value, but also age--long and unearthed tombs of Han Dynasty, the ancient temples and the relics of the Great Wall of Qin and Han Dynasty. In particular,    here boasts Sanshenggong Water Control Project which is famous as "the first sluice gate on the Yellow River", Wuliangsu Sea which is the largest natural wetland in the very similar latitudes, Dahuabei National Forest Park on the Wula Mountain, and Weixin Golf Vacation Village, the only one in the five provinces in the northwestern China, as well as the beautiful and colorful scenery of Wulanbu and the vista of the desert.

Area code: 0478

Post code: 015000

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