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Hetao Sunflower

Sunflower, an oil crop, is planted most widely and extensively in Bayannao’er City. The sunflowers planted in Bayannao’er City contains edible type, called Tree Mallow loclly, and oil type, called Youkui locally. Youkui, thin skin but full seed, rich in oil, is the main material for making oil.

Hetao Watermelon

Watermelon, the main cash crop in Hetao region, is famous far and near for its bigness, sweetness, rich juice, and refreshing taste.


Bayannao’er City is one of the major producing locations of Inner Mongonia, with a long history. Especially, Wang Yedi liquorice produced in Dengkou County is well—known for its solid quality, tender pericarp, red color, smooth actinal surface, plentiful starch, exquisite processing.

Hetao Medlar

Medlar, the most widely planted and most highly produced medicinal material in Hetao region where has formed a few bases, among which the largest planting areas are in Xianfeng village, Wulate Qianqi and Shahai village, Hangjin Houqi, is tender and sweet, functioning as nourishing liver and kidney, refreshing and brightening.

Cistanche Salsa

Benefited from the unique geographic surroundings and climate, Cistanche salsa grown here is entitled as “ginseng in the desert” for being big, fleshy, sweet. Its dried stem, sweet and tender, is of high medicinal properties, functioning as tonifying kidney, nourishing Yin, replenishing blood, and relieving constipation with laxatives, in particular, being effective in curing female infertility and weak legs.

Hetao Hei Guazi

Hei Guazi, the melon seed peeled out of a melon called “Zigua”, is the 3rd cash crop developed after sunflower and sugar beet in Hetao irrigational region. Zigua (also called Hei Guazi), full in seed, is highly popular among the customers and consumers in and out of the region.

Hetao Benne

As one of the important industrial crops for producing oil in Hetao region, benne, also named falx, is a super grade cooking oil for its unique flavor, fragrant scent, and crystal oil.

Hetao Cantaloupes

It is also called Wallis. The authentic Hetao Cantaloupes is round in shape, yellow in color, with a standard weight of 0.5 kilogram or so. It tastes fragrant and sweet, integrating the taste of pears, apples, peaches, and bananas, which is graded as the top among melons. The best Hetao Cantaloupes is produced in Dengkou County.

White Down Producing Goat In Erlang Mountain

White down producing goat in Erlang mountain, a fine regional specie for producing wool and meat is mainly produced in Yin mountain range. As the upper—graded material for woolen textile industry, the wool, special featured in lightness, warmness, and softness, enjoys a high reputation in the international market and is also the fist product of for entering domestic and foreign markets. The mutton is tender, fat—evenly dispersed, without rammish smell.


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