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Baiyi Old Town

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In the late of Ming Dynasty, attacked and occupied by Zhang Xianzhong, Sichuan became a fighting place. Most residents here now are immigrants from Hunan and Guangxi. It is said that only the surname Zhang was aboriginals, which was also called ‘black house’. With a great emergence of civil and military officials, Baiyi Old Town has made considerable development in Qing Dynasty. Among them, the Wu family was the most well-known. Once as imperial kinsmen, the architecture of the Wu family was constructed by following the example of imperial palace. In addition, by employing famous artisans and deft craftsmen and collecting written poetic works, it took over ten years to build the extravagant Su Hang flower garden. After the completion, many civil and military officials, such as the chancellor Wo Ren and minister Zeng Guoquan at that time, wrote words for appreciation and congratulation, which made Baiyi Town renowned throughout the country. Baiyi Town became the treasure house of Buddhism, being in fashion for a time, and illuminating in all direction.

There are six temples and three palaces as well as enormous Wu family yamen(government office in feudal China). The three palaces are Wenchang Palace, Ziyun Palace and Yuwang Palace. The six temples are Guangfu Temple, Xiaogao Temple, Guanghan Temple, Longxiang Temple and Phoenix Temple. The ancestral hall and grave of Wu family high evaluation in geomantics, thus attract many visitors coming from afar. The temple has the shape of funnel, with the middle board inscribed ‘Yueyin house’ by Zeng Guofan. It also contains living room, corridor, fish pool, and stage. Furthermore, there are three memorial archways in Baiyi Town. Two of them are made of stone. The persons inscribed on them are all outstanding. One is Madame Zhang, and the other is five generations temple. The third memorial archway also five generations temple, a mixture of stone and ceramics, with Wu Family tree on it. Both the preface and content were written by imperial officials, which have some historical reference value to research the history of Baiyi and Wu Family. After the immigration of Wu Family, Baiyi Town has entered a period of great prosperity---resplendent and magnificent temples and palaces, wide academy and stage covering the half town, completely renovated street and orderly stores. All these dress up Baiyi Town just like nymph coming to the world.

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