Enyang Old Town

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Enyang Old Town is a local-style dwelling community extremely with characters in Chuanbei. The earliest organizational system of Enyang can be traced back to the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. During the reign of Emperor Liangwu, Yiyang County was built here,

Enyang Old Town was changed into Enyang County in the third year of Sui Dynasty (583 A.D.)It is said that there are two versions about the change from Enyang Old Town to Enyang County. One saying goes that local official witnessed an unworthy grandson beating up his old grandmother on the street, and he thought there were no human relations in Enyang Old Town, so he changed Enyang Old Town to Enyang County. Another saying goes that after Sui Dynasty having unified China, the government changed Yiyang prefecture to Enyang County in order that people in remote Da Bashan can remember the imperial favor.

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