Guangwu Mountain

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With the main peak 2,500 meters above the sea level and covering an area of 400 square meters, the Guangwu Mountain Scenic Area is a place having imposing manner and owning a varied topography. There handsome peaks rise upon another, serene caves extend deep into the mountain, the mountain springs dot here and there, cloud and mist curl up among the mountain, and densely covered woods resemble the sea. So many attractions there are! It is the No.1 of the famous mountains in the county boasting ancient and rare animals and plants. It was approved by the provincial government as a key scenic area in Sichuan province in 1993.

Guangwu Mountain is located south of Peach Garden. The rising and falling peaks look like a Sleeping Buddha Buddha when seen in distance. And it got its name from the scene of cloud and mist curling up throughout the year. The changeable climate on the mountain warns the tourists against shouting aloud. Otherwise it will rain heavenly in a sudden. In the midsummer and early autumn, seen from the peak, the boundless green world makes you indulge in the sea of forests. Where if you set foot in, climb up old trees, lie yourself in flowering shrubs, and look up at the blue sky, you will feel tranquil and comfortable. The late autumn there features the fire-like leaves, the fragrant springs. And in cold winter, the mountain and the trees of ice and snow resembles a world in jade and silver. What a natural beauty of primitive wild field! What a natural wonder in the human world!  

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