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Kongshan Tianpen Scenic Area

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As a plateau-basin landscape, Kongshan Tianpen Scenic Area is 1450-2108 meters above the sea level and covers an area of 60 square kilometers. It is so vast in territory that there are more than 80 famous scenic spots scattering mainly in Kongshan Township, Linjing Township, and Lianghekou Township.

On the high mountains at an elevation of over 4,000 meters, unique karst landforms brought up high mountain basins of 13 square kilometers. The bottom of the basin is smooth. Its length is 8.5 kilometers, and its width 1.5 kilometers. Around the basin are peaks rising upon another and towering into the clouds. The scenery of these 137 peaks is so magnificent and changeable, just like a ‘Natural Potted Landscape’. Thus it got the name ‘Natural Basin in Kongshan Township’.

 Middle of the Kongshan Tianpen Scenic Area is four fox peaks, standing upright and echoing each other at a distance. The mid-peak is about 120 meters’ height, and covers an area of about 5,000 square meters. It is precipitous with sturdy old pine trees on its top and wild flowers everywhere. Inside it is a limestone cave, on the wall of which is carved with inscriptions the ‘No.1 Cave’ by ancestors. Another peak, about 140 meter’s height and having a circumference of 6,000 square meters, is a sheer precipice overgrown with brambles. The whole peak is like a honeycomb-like limestone cave, which you can go into from every direction. People call it ‘Honeycomb Park’ jokingly. Inside it is carved with inscriptions the ‘No.2 Cave’. These four crisscrossed fox peaks form the chief landscape in the pot. Around the bottom of the pot are stone buds. Stone buds on the northeastern side are the grandest attraction, which extends the length of more than 2,000 meters and width of 300 meters. A stretch of stone buds ranges along the slope, among which the tall ones are 5-6 meters, and the short ones 1-2 meters. When seen in distance, they are like thousands of Buddha lining up and making obeisance. While seen right before your eyes, each stone Buddha vividly carries different manners.

The earth’s deep surface in the scenic area really is hollow. In the mountainside there are quiet a few unfathomable cellars which allow the mountain torrents penetrate into immediately. What is interesting is the water hole in Longchi Village, where the groundwater level stays even with the mouth of the hole. The water never spills out in the rainy season while in the dry season it never drops down. So it is called the life source of Kongshan by local people. Around the scenic area are thousands of hills. Each of the 173 peaks has its own distinctive scenery.

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