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Little Wu Gorge

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The Little Wu Gorge is as lined as blue sky, with prominent clusters of stalactites above the sky. The lush branches are hanging down inside the walls of the Gorge, and the strong trunks looming in the sky. Besides, the split rattans of thousands of years, with great complexity, are parasitic either inside crevices or inside precipitous stones. Occasionally, there are some macaques with their cubs howling in the forests. Visitors are greatly impressed by such unusual rock formations and strategic views as Tingxin Stone, Shaft Wheel Vehicle, Homeland Seeing Terrace, Yanwangbian, Shoupayan Cliff, Brige over the Abyss. The spectacular scenic view is embodied in its strangeness and strategy.

One bunch varied ‘chrysanthemum stone’ after another stand erect in the depth of The Little Wu Gorge. With cyan bottom and white flowers and many spots on its surface, it is considered as rare treasures for making such decoration products on stone hill and in studies. The diverse stalactites in the caves display a dazzling array of beautiful exhibits, whose eccentricity and oddness enable you to wander and imagine in your mind. The rivers in the caves are murmuring beneath your feet, just like evoking people to hunt the odd and explore them. The ‘Yangyu Cave’ in the Gorge, with sparkling fish scales, is easy to derive. Its delicious taste qualifies itself as a rare dish on the table. A chance to have a try of it would be too much enjoyment of the palate.

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By bus

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Recommended time limit for tourists: Half a day

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