Nuoshui River in Tongjiang

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With an altitude of 500-2,086.6 meters, the Nuoshui River in Tongjiang is 35 kilometers long east to west, 18 kilometers wide north to south, and its total area being 525 square kilometers. Neighboring the middle of Western Han, ‘Qinchuan Suoyao’ in the east and ‘Jianmen Plank Path’ in the west, it is blessed with beautifully flowing rivers and springs everywhere. Precipices stand erect and odd stones spring up soon after. Passes, valleys, flying falls, limestone caves, underground rivers can be seen everywhere. The three independent scenic areas, namely, ‘Nuoshui Dong Tian’, ‘Li Gorge in Linjiang Township’ and ‘Natural Basin in Kongshan Township’ are formed like arcs. It has been acclaimed by chairmen Mao as ‘the Second Largest Su Area Nationwide’

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