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Zhongfeng Cave

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Zhongfeng Cave was first named Fuoguang Cave. It was renamed as Zhongfeng Cave just because of a special figure—the abdicated Emperor Jianwen of Ming Dynasty. During the 40 years when Emperor Jianwen was stranded in the Southwest area, had he really come to Zhongfeng Cave? The answer is complicated and confusing.

Zhongfeng Cave has 36 sub-caves, some of which are with high characteristics. One of them is very like a high-heeled shoe. When you stand in the cave and look outward, you will find the mouth of it just looks like a huge high-heeled shoe. Zhongfeng Cave is scenery of “Nuoshui Dong Tian”. Miraculous and marvelous ‘Nuoshui Dong Tian’, primitive, deep and serene ‘Li Gorge in Linjiang Township’ and colorful ‘Natural Basin in Kongshan Township’ join together, which constitute the famous Nuo Shuihe Scenic Spot at state level.

The inside of Zhongfeng Cave is divided into the upper stratum and the lower one. The lane-like roads are crisscrossed, changeable and like in a maze. Just on the upper stratum ,there are eastern, western, southern , northern and middle 5 roads,16 lanes, 7 middle halls, with total length of more than 6000 meters, and total area of 110000 m2 or so. There is a 1600- meter long electric train tunnel at the mouth of the cave. In the cave, there are upper, middle and lower strata, which connect with each other. Milky white stalagmite bristles and there are crisscross footpaths between fields, in which there are 10 landscapes, including ‘the cultural flavor of Baren’, ‘Buddhism illuminating all things’ and 108 important sceneries. Just on the middle stratum, there are 5 roads, 12 sub-roads, 7 halls, 3 parks, an under river and a cave sea whose area is more than 10000 m2. The tourists can play on it by boat. When you go out of the cave, you can see plank road built among the face of the cliff, with the length of more than 1000m.

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