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Bazhong Travel Guide

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Bazhong Overview

Located in the best place between the northern and southern tourist circles, Bazhong is in the Golden Triangle area of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi’an. The superlative craftsmanship of nature has created this mysterious scenic spot of distinction and elegance.

Humans were engaged in activities here as early as primitive times. It was under the control of Yongchang County in the period of Yongyuan of Eastern Han, Baxi Prefecture in the sixth year of Jian’an, and Bazhou in the Northern Wei period.The Ba tribes were well renowned for their being brave and skillful in battle, good at both singing and dancing. Liubang, the Gao Emperor of Han Dynasty, built Mouyang City and Bayu Guarded Passage in the Southern Lake Dam. Under the moonlight, Xiao He pursued Han Xin and he captured Han Xin in Xianling. Moreover, Zhangfei caught Yan Yan Wittily by launching a nocturne attack in Bazhou. The Moya statues which were primarily set up in Liang and Wei Periods and flourished at such places as South Shrine, West Shrine, North Shrine, and Shuining Temple in Tang Dynasty, amounted to as many as 5210 shrines and 7200 statues. Noted for its exquisite layout and usual style of art, they redisplayed the magnificent regional art of Tang Dynasty. As one of the ten greatest grottoes in China, it is crowned by experts both at home and abroad as ‘the first color sculpture in Bazhong at the prime of Tang Dynasty nationwide.

This old-age and miraculous land has also bred a great many talents such as Zhang Sixun, the famous astronomer in Song Dynasty; Yan Yangchu, a revolutionary in the world. Bazhong was also frequently visited by Li Xiong, King Cheng in the West Jin Period; Wang Jian, the founding Emperor of former Shu Kingdom; Lixian, the Prince of Tang Dynasty; poets like Libai and Dufu, etc. Much-told tales were left on this land.

Total population: 3,591,000

The size of the city: 12,301 square kilometers

Division of districts: Bazhong City governs Bazhong District, Pingchang County, Tongjiang County, and Nanjiang County

Local code: 0827

Zip code: 6355500

Tourist Complaining Telephone Number: 0827-96927