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Nothing beats the gentle waves of the pristine beach and the blowing wind that softly kisses the skin when it comes to making stress fade away. If you think that all beaches in the world look just the same, then you should check out the Beach Park in Beihai Silver Beach. This destination has roused the curiosity of people from different parts of the globe.

It is not just locals from nearby provinces who go here, especially during summer months. This is also frequented by tourists from Europe, United States and Australia. The immeasurable beauty of the beach, combined with the peaceful surroundings, make it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Things to Do

Day Trip

The great thing about the Beihai Silver Beach is that this is only ten kilometers away from the heart of the city. Hence, people do not have to drive too far away to a secluded area just to find some peaceful environment where they can unwind. Best of all, this is also a perfect destination for an enjoyable day trip. There is no need to worry about finding a good accommodation or brining along bags of clothes because families can go here for a day trip.

Enjoyable Swim

This beach is ideal not just for adults but for the kids too. The waves are gentle, so it is perfect for swimming. Aside from that, the water is free from sharks too. Hence, the allowable swimming area is much more expansive compared to the other beaches in China.

Irresistible View

When the sun is perfectly angled towards the glistening water, this place transforms to a picturesque view which is postcard-worthy. Some people stay by the shores to take some pictures or create their paintings.

Tranquil Walks

Of course, enjoying the sparkling water and the cooling waves is the primary goal of people who visit this place. However, there are also other things that people can do, like stroll along the shore.

The entire stretch of the beach is about 24 kilometers or 15 miles. This is the perfect location for leisurely walking especially in the morning or in the afternoon. Of all the beaches in China, this one is considered as the best because of the even width throughout the shore, plus the soft and fine sand which is naturally white in color.

Fun Activities

People who visit the Beihai Silver Beach is not only limited to swimming and basking under the sun. There are also a lot of spots which tourists could check out so their stay here would be even more enjoyable.

Within the Beach Park is where people could find various merchants and small commercial establishments. There are stores which sell different knick knacks and local products. There are books, arts and crafts, handcrafted home decorations and a whole lot of others.

Aside from shopping, adults and kids will also have a fun time if they check out the biology museum. This exhibits not just the rich marine life within the area but also other species which could all be mind-enriching.

During specific months, particularly August and September, some locals perform within the Beach Park. They prepare a variety of presentations such as song and dance numbers which are reflective of folk customs, Russian culture and others.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Yintan Avenue, Beihai City, Guangxi Autonomous Region

How to Get There?

Bus number 3 from downtown

Ticket Price:

25 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

More Tips:

For people who would not stay for long within the Beach Park, merely going around the park can take about half a day.

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