Beihai Silver Beach

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The most wondrous sceneries are not always tucked too far away from the city. One proof of this is the Beihai Silver Beach. This is the favorite getaway of a lot of people because of its splendor. The great thing about this destination is that it is just a few kilometers away from the main streets of the city.
Even if going to Beihai Silver Beach does not involve long hours of driving, this place also offers peaceful surroundings. Visitors would not hear the noise of the busy streets and they can stay away from crowded areas. The Beihai Silver Beach is like a haven for those who are seeking to relax their tired mind and rejuvenate their energy.

Things to Do

Enjoying the Waters

It is way too difficult to resists the enchanting waters of the Beihai Silver Beach. The waves come rolling to the shore and gently crashes to the intricate rock formations. The water is so clear that when the sun hits the surface, it glistens like diamonds.

The best part about the waters of the Beihai Silver Beach is that it is free from horrifying marine animals, particularly sharks. Because of that, people have an expansive area to explore without worrying about their safety.

For those who are into snorkeling, they can bring their own gear. That way, they can enjoy looking at the beautiful coral formations under the sea. Even if they do not go to deeper parts of the beach, they can already check out a lot of underwater plants and corals.

Pleasant Shores

When people become tired of swimming, the shores along Beihai Silver Beach is also a great place to let time pass. It is a must to bring a mat or beach towel so they can lounge and spend some time under the warm glow of the sun.

During the summer months, the shores of Beihai Silver Beach are filled with tourists who are getting their tans. This place is far better than any other beach within China because of the even width. Aside from that, the sand is so soft. The color of the sand may also be the reason why it is called as Beihai Silver Beach because the sand is white. When the sun is up, the sand shimmers too.

Weizhou Island

For visitors who are looking for a little more adventure, another destination to explore is the Weizhou Island. This is just about 36 sea miles from the Beihai Silver Beach. The entire island is just 25 square kilometers but this is a destination that is frequented by a lot of people. It is considered as the biggest extinct volcanic island in China.

For tourists who want to go to the island, there are some local entrepreneurs who offer boat rides. The boats also come with a guided tour. Visitors can stay in the island for a few hours and the rented boat will also bring the back to the shores of the Beihai Silver Beach.

Fun at the Beach

The enjoyment does not stop even if the sun begins to set. The shores of Beihai Silver Beach are also lined with small kiosks and spots for shopping and dining. There are places which serve local cuisines, especially some seafood. Aside from that, there are also quaint stores which offer a myriad of products for the tourists. There are items for home decoration, artistic creations of locals and preserved foods.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Yintan Avenue, Beihai City, Guangxi Autonomous Region

How to Get There?

Tourists can take Bus No.3 from People’s theater or Beibu Gulf Square and ride till the destination with a whole distance of about 6.5 kilometers. Taxi service charges 15-25 Yuan while motor bicycle service 8 Yuan.

Ticket Price:

25 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Spend at least an entire day when visiting the Beihai Silver Beach because there are a lot of fun activities which can be done here.

Nearby Attractions:

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posted by "lavender0108" at 3/30/2009 8:19:00 PM

It consists of three sections: Beihai Silver Beach Park, Beihai Beach Park and Qiaogang Beach, which connect together stretching tens of kilometers, dotted with Ocean Sports and Entertainment Center, the villas and restaurants by shore. Among them, the Beihai Silver Beach Park and Beihai Beach Park cost 25RMB respectively. There are thousands of tourists of every skin color in every sort of swimwear: some lie on the beach, some swim, and some chat under beach umbrellas. We found that there are many pores in the silver-white even beach, from which many little sand crabs run out of. The lovely little things arouse our interest in grabbing them, which is of much fun. The boundless dark blue ocean is so limpid due to its great self-cleaning capability that objects more than two meters under seawater can be seen clearly. And it is really exciting to swim in the sea. Everyone, whatever their age or sex, went crazy, jumping and cheering in the waves, reluctant to leave, as if all the worries in daily life vanished at that moment.


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