Mangrove Natural Reserve

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Mangrove is a kind of tree which does not grow easily. This can be found in areas with tropical and subtropical climate. They are so blissful to see, but unfortunately, there are only a few places in the planet where preserved mangroves can still be found.

It is a good thing that there is the Mangrove Natural Reserve which can be seen in Beihai, Guangxi. This place in China never fails to impress visitors because of the richly growing greeneries which seem to flourish more and more as the years pass by.

Things to Do

Unique Sight

The mangroves are unlike any other tree. They exude such magnificence because of the roots which are intricately intertwined and go deep into the water of swamps. Interestingly, the roots extend up until the higher part of the branches and bark.

During high tide, the sight of the mangroves becomes even more awe-inspiring. The roots and the trunk are submerged in water. Hence, the only thing that people can see are the rich green tree tops.

Bird Sanctuary

The Mangrove Natural Reserve is beautiful not only because of the trees. There are also numerous types of birds which can be seen within this place. Some have found their permanent habitat within the trees. Others are just stopping by as they migrate to other Asian countries.

During particular months of the years, especially when the European winter months are approaching, there are a lot of migratory birds in Mangrove Natural Reserve. Normally, there is about 159 species of birds within this location. But during October to February, this number rises because of the migratory birds.

Abundant Waters

It is not just the trees which provide shelter for birds. Since the water within Mangrove Natural Reserve is unpolluted, there are also different types of fishes, shrimp, shellfish and other marine life. Some locals do spend time to go fishing within the waters. However, since the Mangrove Natural Reserve is considered as a protected area, this activity is strictly regulated too.

During permissible times, there are several small boats which can be seen sailing across the graceful waters of the lake. These are the locals who are fishing. Sometimes, the locals are simply sailing just to unwind but they are not really trying to catch anything. There are also some people who offer boat rides to visitors so they can enjoy the splendor of Mangrove Natural Reserve.

Nature Walk

Aside from staying close to the waters of Mangrove Natural Reserve, the surrounding areas are also great for some leisurely walk. Since this is a preserved area, there are just specific routes which tourists can take so they can tour around Mangrove Natural Reserve. This is actually a good thing because tourists would not have a hard time in exploring the magnificence that Mangrove Natural Reserve has to offer.

Even if the sun is shining bright, the pathways remain cool because the thick leaves of the trees serve as covering. The surroundings are also amazing because the flowers give a pop of color. The roots of mangroves which surface from the water also extend to the branches and trunk of other plants. Hence, the view along the trail looks mysterious. Without a doubt, the Mangrove Natural Reserve really is a wonderful creation of nature.

There are only a few remaining mangroves in the world and the Mangrove Natural Reserve is one of them. It is a great thing that the government is exerting much effort to preserve the wetland, as well as the surrounding areas.

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How to Get There?

1. Tourists should take an express bus from Beihai to Hepu (5 Yuan), then ride a bus from Hepu to Shankou (12 Yuan) and then take a bus (about 2 Yuan) to the Mangrove Nature Reserve.

2. Take an express bus from Beihai to Shatian (about 14 Yuan), and then a motor bike can take you there.

Ticket Price:

10 CNY

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 5:50 pm

More Tips:

Visit during the summer or autumn months during which the weather is friendlier.

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