Star Island Lake Holiday Resort

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The Star Island Lake Tourist Resort encompasses 92.7 square kilometers with a lake area of 66 square kilometers. Because there are 1026 big and small islands in the lake, like stars in the sky, the lake was named Star Island Lake. Weather in the lake area is amiable, with winter being warm and summer cool, thus it is an ideal palace to spend vacation or have entertainments, with its quite marvelous scenery between mountains and lakes.

All kinds of tourist service facilities are available in the Star Island Lake Tourist Resort, such as restaurant, ballroom, meeting room, swimming pool, shooting court, lovers’ yacht and fruit garden. What’s more, tourists can also have picnic, barbecue and fishing to entertain them as well.A tourism pattern composed of the Star Island Lake Tourist Resort and Beihai silver beach has come being, which becomes a tourist hot spot in the south China.

Setting off among landscape of lakes and mountains, Shuihu City has a special glamour for tourists. As the movie-shooting base for the TV serial Legend of Shuihu produced by CCTV, the city is composed of four parts:

The first part is Liangshan Mountain District, which has eight scenic spots, including the First Pass, the Second Pass, the Third Pass, Military Camp, Sharing Money Hall, Lookout Tower, Meeting Hall and Back Stockade Village.

 The second part is Wenshu Temple, having back hall, corridor and gateway.

The third is Yongjin Gate. This scenic spot also consists of a castle.

The last part is Su-hang Water Street, where tourists will find many statues of people in the film, as well as stone bridge and pagoda.

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How to Get There?
Tourists can take a car from the Beibu Gulf Square, go down to south along the Beibu Gulf Road for about 14 kilometers, turn right from a Gateway to Star Island Lake, and then the end of a journey of 8 kilometers is the Star Island Lake Tourist Resort. Or, tourists can take a bus from the Beihai Bus Principal Station and then transfer to another Special line to the destination from the Hepu Bus Station. The fare from county town to the tourist resort is 3 Yuan. Chartering a car costs 300-400 Yuan for a round trip. A ferry to the eastern lake resort charges 10 Yuan, while a ferry to the western part 15 Yuan. Fast boat has an extra.

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More Tips:
(1). It costs about 300-400 Yuan for a round trip from Beihai. What’s more, a return ferry to the eastern district charges 4 Yuan extra, to the western district 5 Yuan extra. Chartering a ship ranges from 50 – 100 Yuan. (2). Tourist can have a taste of local chicken or fresh fish and crab which are caught from the reservoir.

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