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Zhuhai Road

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/20

Zhuhai Road is an old street with a history as long as more than a century. It was built in 1883 with length of 1.44 kilometers and a width of 9 meters. Mainly influenced by the architecture of consulates of Britain, France, Germany and other western countries, the buildings along the street are generally terrace structures, two to three stories high, combined with Chinese and Western styles. Those buildings usually have fine decorations and pillars. Their terrace part extends to the street forming an open corridor that shelters people from rain or strong sunlight. Those square pillars are huge and tall like ancient Roman architecture.

   With time going on, Zhuhai Street has lost its prosperity. The buildings have become old and most shops have become private houses other than several shops running business of fishing tackles. However, due to its well-preserved architecture, this street is still honored as Modern Architectural Almanac by historians and architects. 

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5 minutes walk to the People’s Theatre where buses No.1 to No.6 are available to the street.

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There are some famous traditional snack bars in the Zhuhai Road, along with tea houses and dessert shops.

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