Beihai Travel Guide

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Beihai Overview

Beihai is situated in the southern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, to the northeast of Beibu Gulf. Encompassing 3337 square kilometers, Beihai has a population of 1.35 million, including 43 thousand citizens. Facing the Southeastern Asia and backing the southwestern china, Baihai enjoys a unique geographical advantages, while it borders Guangdong province in land and is adjacent to Vietnam, Hainan province, Hong Kong and Macau from the sea.

With good natural beaches along the coast and islands, Beihai is an estuary in the southwestern part of china as well as a coastal city with rich tourism resources well developed. A perfect marine tourism system has come into being, which includes the sea, beach, islands, seafood, marine treasures, marine forest, coral, marine culture, marine sports and marine navigation lines. There is a distinctive combination of local cultures like the Pearl Home culture, the Hakka's culture, and the Danjia culture, with the local residents being kind, honest and unsophisticated.

Beihai governs Haicheng District, Yinhai District, Tieshan Port District and Hepu County.

Area code: 0779

Post code: 536000