Beihai Transport

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Beihai Air Transport

Lying in the northeastern part of Beihai, southwest of Hepu County, Beihai Fucheng Airport covers an area of 3.6 square kilometers (after the completion of the extension project) and is 24 kilometers away from Beihai and Hepu. There are a great many Flights every week between Baihai and other major cities in China, such as Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen , Guangzhou , Zhengzhou , Chongqing , Kunming , Nanjing , Guiyang , Guilin , Haikou , Xiamen , Chengdu , Hong Kong , Wuhan and so on.

Airport inquiry telephone: 0779-8512770、2076744;

Air flight ticket office: 0779—3035400 3053356;

Beihai airport: 2076744

Beihai business office, China Southern Airlines: 3051771

Beihai business office, China Southwest Airlines:3053341

Beihai Civil Aviation Service Center: 3058842

Ticket office, Guangxi Airlines Co., LTD: 3051236


(1)It takes about half an hour to get to the airport on a airport bus or taxi

(2)Both the starting station and terminal of airport bus stations lie in front of the Beihai Civil Aviation Mansion. The one-way fare is 10 Yuan. There are two fixed airport buses running from the Civil Aviation Mansion to the airport at 5:00 and 6:45 separately in the morning. Other flexible buses go to the airport just two hours before the departing of each flight. The airport bus for flight from Beihai to Haikou leaves one and a half hours before the departure without stop midway to carry passengers. The airport buses that are arranged according to different flights shuttle from the airport to downtown, which may stop midway by requirement.

(3) It costs 40-60 Yuan to take a taxi to the airport from downtown.

Beihai Railway Transport

There are 18 high speed trains between Beihai and Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region.

(1)Beihai Railway Station lies in Beijing Road which is accessible by bus No.2 and bus No.6 with a ticket of 1 Yuan.

(2).Ticket office: 0779—3209898

Beihai Business Office, Nanning Railway Branch 0779-3033763

Beihai Highway

With a good highway network, Beihai is a convergent point where a lot of national roads and superhighways join together, such as National Road 209, National Road 325, and superhighways of Beihai-Tieshan Port, Beihai-Nanning- Guilin , Beihai- Chongqing , Beihai-Zhanjiang. There are four coach stations in Beihai and 104 passenger routes bound for major cities and counties in Guangxi , Guangdong, Guizhou and Yunnan province.

From Beihai to Vietnam 

Take bus from Beihai to Dongxing takes about 3 hours. Next, cross the border to Mangjie Street in Vietnam. Now, take bus to Hanoi which is 360 kilometers from Mangjie Street. It takes about 8.5 hours to Hanoi.

Bus Principal Station

Bus Principal Station, the largest passenger terminal in Beihai, lies in No.1 Middle Beibu Gulf Road. It is accessible by bus No1, bus No.2, bus No.7 and bus No.8.

There is an express bus every half an hour from the Bus Principal to Nanning every day from 6:00 to 21:00. It takes about 3 hours with a fare of 50 Yuan.

There are also three express buses bound for Guilin every day with a fare of 160 Yuan, and the buses will reach Guilin within 7 hours.

Inquiry telephone: 0779-2022094

Beihai Second Bus Station

Buses in this station are usually contracted and the buses are often running between neighboring counties and towns within Beihai.

Ticket office: 0779-2023428


(1). Because of no short of tickets at the Bus Principal Station, there is no need to reserve tickets.

(2). Express buses offer a better service and will arrive punctually.

(3). Tourism motorcades

Tourism motorcade, Beihai Office, Chengdu Railway Bureau: 3034475

Taxi fleet, Beihai Tourism Ltd. Co: 2068275、2067725

Taxi fleet, Beihai Office, Foreign Affairs Office, Liuzhou: 3036748

Car Hire Firm:2020726

Beihai Waterway 

There are three routes:

international passenger liner: Beihai—Haifang( Vietnam)—Xialong (Vietnam)(shut down right now!)

Golden passenger liner: Beihai— Hainan


Port ferry ticket office: 230, Haijiao Road, Beihai

Telephone: 0779—3903651 3909601;0779-3904011-2386、3902081


It takes about 10 hours going across to Haikou by erry, and the ship leaves at 6:00pm from Beihai. The ferry charges 130 Yuan for a four-people room and 120 Yuan for an eight-people room.

There are two ferries everyday goes to Weizhou Island, one departs at 8:30, and another additional ferry departs at 11:15. At present, the ferry takes about 70 minutes to get to Weizhou Island. The price for a return ticket is 240 RMB. Please contact the ferry organization for real-time information.

There is a ferry to Vietnam every two days. Please telephone for more details.


There are two kinds of starting price in Beihai. One is 5 Yuan for common cars, another 7 Yuan for luxurious cars. Generally a journey within the city costs no more than 10 Yuan and a trip to the Silver Beach or a trip to Qiaogang Town 15-20 Yuan. For a stranger, if he doesn’t want to use the free register, it is better to haggle over the price before taking a taxi.


Buses in Beihai boast cleanness and comfort. There are fewer crowds and less traffic jam, except for the disadvantage of fewer routes. There are 7 common routes (No.1 -7), a round-trip route (No.8) and two special routes. The fare for No.4 is 1.5 Yuan, and No.3 two Yuan. The rest buses charge a uniform fare of one Yuan.

Man-powered cart

There are plenty of man-powered carts which can go to every corner of the city, so it is an ideal transportation to have sightseeing around the city.

Charted cars

Once you chart a car, it means you chart the car and the driver as well. The cost ranges from 100-200 Yuan or 1.2 Yuan per kilometer.

Tourists can also rent a bicycle from a place just opposite to the Bus Principal Station. A bicycle charges 20 Yuan each day.


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