Beijing Aquarium

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Brief Introduction

Beijing Aquarium is located in Beijing Zoo. North of a long river, Beijing Zoo is next to Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing Planetarium and Capital Gymnasium. Traffic here is quite convenient. Beijing Aquarium occupies a convenient geographic location, with the long river in the south, Gao Liang Bridge in the east and Bai Shi Bridge in the west. Tourists can easily get here. As the largest inland aquarium in the world, Beijing Aquarium covers a floor area of 42 thousand square meters, and the green area of 80 thousand square meters. The shape of Beijing Aquarium looks like a trumpet shell, which is very unique. The key colors are blue and orange, symbolizing the vast and mysterious sea and the energy of the marine life respectively. The inner structure if Beijing Aquarium is quite unique as well. The roof top uses space truss structure, decorated with the color of blue and yellow. This creative design presents a blue world to people.

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Beijing Aquarium is now the largest and advanced Popular Science Center of marine life in the world. It maintains a leading status in China in many aspects Beijing has the largest floor area and total area among all the aquariums in China. The total water yield here is the largest, too. In Beijing Aquarium, tourists can see over one thousand kinds of benthos, more than the collections of other aquariums in China. The aim of Beijing Aquarium is to entertain the public, teach the student and help protect the ecological environment. There are six exhibition halls, exhibiting different aspects. They are the Hall of Tropical Rainforest Wonders, the Hall of Touch Pool, the Hall of Under-sea Travel, the Hall of Sharks, the Hall of Whales and Dolphins and the Ocean Theater. Tourists can not only appreciate different kinds of marine creatures, but also experience the relationship between the ocean and human beings. There are tens of thousands fish of various kinds on show, including nearly a thousand kinds of seawater aquarium fish and freshwater aquarium fish. By now, tens of thousands of aquarium fish have been introduced in Beijing Aquarium, and they have totally get use to the environment here. In addition to the aquarium fish, Beijing Aquarium also has a Sea Animal Circus, the members including some mammals like dolphins, whales, sea lions and so on.

Beijing Aquarium

Beijing Aquarium has a new idea to show the tourists the knowledge of the ocean from the easy to the difficult and complicated. There are six main exhibition halls, which are the Hall of Tropical Rainforest Wonders, the Hall of Touch Pool, the Hall of Under-sea Travel, the Hall of Sharks, the Hall of Whales and Dolphins and the Ocean Theater.

The Hall of Tropical Rainforest Wonders

The Hall of Tropical Rainforest Wonders is the miniature of the natural scenery of tropical rainforest in the Amazonia in South America. Here, tourists can enjoy the running waterfalls, the clear and tinkling brook, the sound of different insects and the happy songs of various birds. Tourists will feel like that they are in the amazing Amazon rainforests. A feeling of returning back to the nature and to one’s original nature will arise spontaneously. The mysterious statues, the ancient magic bridge can bring colorful imagination to people. As the natural ups and downs of the land, 22 exhibition vats of different size are inlaid in the land in good order. In the exhibiting vats, there are walrus, beautiful blood parrots, fancy carps, scaring Serrasalmus nattereri, pellucid Kryptopterus bicirrhis, elegant Argyrosaurus, precious Chinese sturgeon which is also known as “the national treasure in the water” and Myxocyprinus asiaticus etc. In total, the number of freshwater fish living in the rainforest or inland rovers on show is over a hundred.

The Hall of Touch Pool

The Touch Pool is 36 meters in length, symbolizing the twisty and stretching coastline. Here are mainly some marine creatures living in the intertidal zone in the shallow water near the coast. The typical marines creatures here are mollusks like Rapana bezona Linnaeus and Commercial Trochus etc, and echinodermata like sea cucumbers, sea chestnuts and starfish etc. In the Sea Turtle Pool, tourists can see lively and lovely green sea turtles.

The Hall of Under-sea Travel

When going out of the Hall of Touch Pool, tourists will surprisingly find that the place suddenly becomes extensive. There is a huge arc-shaped acrylic mirror unveiling the mysterious mask of the vast ocean. The submarine tunnel gently brings the tourists to the quiet but colorful ocean world. 32 exhibiting vats show the most typical aquarium fish in the world. Each of them tells a vivid and touching story about the sea and ocean. Tourists can experience a magic travel under the sea without going out of Beijing.

The Hall of Sharks

Many movies and literature works tends to describe the sharks as some crazy, cruel and bloody animals. Then, people just cannot help wondering what the real sharks are like. Well, they can know the answer immediately when they step into the Hall of Sharks. They will know that not all of the sharks are cruel and bloodthirsty. On the contrary, when swimming in the water, they look more carefree and leisurely. Even there may be a romantic atmosphere there.

The Hall of Whales and Dolphins

Here is the home of many marine creatures. The design here is of open type, meaning that tourists can communicate with the marine “friends” face to face. Dolphins and whales live happily here. They are trained to do some special movements. The “friendship” between these animals and their trainers is very deep.

The Ocean Theater

The Ocean Theater is the favorite of many tourists. Tourists can see the funny and lovely sea lions staggering around. The sea lions sometimes make fun of the clumsy seals by imitating them, sometimes dancing with people to the music and sometimes seriously “advocate” to the tourists the importance of protecting the environment. The excellent performance can always amuse the tourists. The dolphins and whales have special skills to win the applauses and laughter of the audience. Both the animals and the tourists are so happy that many tourists just do not want to go back.

Service Items

The Exhibition the Marine Ecosystem — this exhibition shows the marine creatures to the tourists, including fish, sea plants, marine mammals and so on.

Marine Animal Performance — the wonderful performance of some large marine animals will bring the feeling of happiness and easiness to the tourists. It can teach the tourists knowledge of the ocean through lively activities.

Popularization of Marine Science — this can provide the tourists with the knowledge of the ocean. It is also the most important purpose of Beijing Aquarium.

In Beijing Aquarium, there are thousands of exhibition boards (in the form of word and pictures) and displaying screens in introducing the knowledge of the ocean. The friendly and interesting presentation, the science and educational film, the models and the specimen are all telling the story and knowledge of the ocean to the tourists vividly. Wandering in the aquarium, people can have a strong sense of marine culture and marine civilization while enjoying the exhibition.

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Beijing Aquarium is located in Beijing Zoo.

How to Get There?

Tourists can take Bus 7, Bus 15, Bus 19, Bus 27, Bus 45, Bus 332, Bus 334, Bus 347, Bus 360, Bus 601, Bus 708, Bus 714, Bus 716, Bus 732, Bus 808, Bus 812, Bus 814, Yuntong 104, Yuntong 106, Yuntong 205, Trolley Bus 102, Trolley Bus 103, Trolley Bus 105, Trolley Bus 107, Trolley Bus 111 and TE 4 etc. to get here.

Ticket Price:

Ticket price for adults is 120 RMB.
Ticket price for students, servicemen, the disabled, and people aged 60 and over is 60 RMB.
Children under 1.2 meters can go into the aquarium for free.

Opening Hours:

9: 00 A.M. to 17: 30 P.M. in summer.
9: 00 A.M. to 17: 00 P.M. in winter.

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