Beijing Jiulong (Nine Dragons) Amusement Park

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Beijing Nine Dragons Amusement Park is located on the western bank of the Ming Tombs Water Reservior is the first modern large scale comprehensive amusement park in Beijing.  It has developed into a popular weekend holiday resort. People in Beijing like to spend their weekend in this place for a refreshment and relaxation.

The Ming Tombs Water Reservoir adds more activities to the park.  Currently the park offers over 20 attractions: the Underwater Dragon Palace, the Aquarium, the Tetele Cinema, the Dinosaur Valley, the F- 1 cars among others. Some of these attractions are appropriate for the elderly people, god examples are the fantastic Underwater Dragon Palace and the colorful Aquarium, other thrilling and challenges games are better for dynamic kids: the F- Car racing is a case in point.

20 times as big as the Kunming Lake of the Summer Palace, the vast water surface of the water reservoir provides an ideal space for water sports athletes and fans. Every year many sports events such as the Dragon Boat Race Tournament and Winter Swimming Contest take place in this beautiful place.


Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located Park  located on the western bank of the Ming Tombs Water Reservior.

How to Get There?

Take Bus No. 912 at Andingmen, No. 919 at Deshengmen to the park or the Bus No. 845 at the Beijing west Railway Station, Xizhimen, Beitaipingzhuang or Qinghe. For private car, one takes the Badaling Expressway

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8: 00 am to 5: 00 pm

More Tips:

1.Food and beverage: the aquatic restaurant offer great Chinese and western food;
2. Entertainment: diners can sing Karaoke in the restaurant on the ship.
3. Around the amusement park are some very famous attractions such as the Ming Tombs, Laoshan Mountain National Park and the Memorial to the Ming Tombs Reservoirs.