Chaolai Agricultural Garden

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Located at the up-coming Chaoyang District, on the northern side of Beijing, Chaolai Agricultural Garden, or CLAG, is a green shelter for the citizens of Beijing, as well as visitors who can have a break from sightseeing to enjoy a couple of hours learning about agricultural science.

Chaoyang District, although one of the city’s business districts, is also known as the “green” district of Beijing because of its many parks and gardens.Among with Chaolai Agricultural Garden it also houses the National Agricultural Museum, the Forest Garden and many other related structures. The construction of the garden begun in September of 1996 and it opened to the public less than a year later, in June of 1997. Colorful peppers which were grown in Chaolai Agricultural Garden won first prize in World Agricultural Expo in 1999.

Things to do

Chaolai Agricultural Garden covers a wide area and houses growing fields, greenhouses, facilities of vegetable processing, a seed center, ponds, a small farm and many more facilities related to bio growing. It is a well-known destination for educational school trips but also independent visitors interested in the process and the different methods of growing. As agricultural tourism becomes more and more popular, Chaolai Agricultural Garden starts to be recognized as one of Beijing’s most interesting sites.

The greenhouse is one of the most visited attractions of the garden. Covering a huge surface and including the latest technology, it is one of the top structures in its field. The visitor can take a walk around the plants and learn how the greenhouse works, what kind of technology is used and how it is able to conserve energy. A series of tropical fruit is grown there as well and visitors can take part in fruit picking activities.

A scientific exhibition inside Chaolai Agricultural Garden educates children and adults on matters about agriculture and bio products. Interactive displays help you learn about the technology that is being used in growing and processing fruit and vegetables, as well as environment friendly ways of conserving energy and water. The facilities of cleaning and processing vegetables are also open to the public.

Several rare exotic species of birds and other small animal can be found in a small farm inside the garden, where visitors have a chance to learn about the breeding of such species. In addition, the garden’s ponds are open for fishing. You can rent a fishing rod for 20 Yuan and then pay 24 Yuan per kilo for the fish you catch! Grass carps, blunt-snout breams and crucians are available for fishing.

The garden also includes accommodation, dinning, entertainment and exercising facilities. After you join in the picking of the fruit and vegetable you can actually taste them in the garden’s restaurant which serves healthy dishes that include the gardens products. A seed center is also available, where visitors can buy quality seeds of their favorite plant and grow it in their own garden or yard.

Solo Adventure Tips:


in the Lai Guangying County of Chaoyang District, northeast of Beijing

How to Get There?

Take bus number 707 or number 966 and get off at Chaolai Agricultural Garden. You can also take bus number 404, 416, 409, 422, 752 and 852 and get off at Laiguanying. From there you can then take bus number 707 or number 966 and get off at Chaolai Agricultural Garden. 

Ticket Price:

20 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

from 8:00 to 17:00 every day

More Tips:

Autumn (September and October) and spring (April and May) is the best time to visit the garden as it is the picking season for most vegetable.

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