Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics Show

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Beijing Chaoyang Theatre located in the Central Business District, Chaoyang District of Beijing, China. It is founded in 1984 and mainly focuses on Acrobatics performances. It is close to Beijing Chaoyang Park, Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant and CCTV Headquarter. Due to its Advantageous geographical position, the theater has become an important place to promote economy development in Beijing.


After founded in 1984, the theater was designated as the “Fixed Place for Tourist Performance” by Beijing government two years later. Then it was rewarded as the “National Advanced Group of Culture” in 2001. In the middle and late 1980s, the theater mainly held art performances like singing, dancing and drama for guests both from home and abroad. After went through some adjustment in the following years, it switched its focus to drama performance. Now it has its iconic status in the acrobatics performing through over twenty years’ careful operation.

The theater welcomes all guests both from home and abroad to watch acrobatics shows. It has received more than 5,000,000 foreign guests. Its unparalleled performances earned acclaim from most audience which includes President, Congressmen and other businessmen and tourists. It is a good way for foreigners to learn about Chinese culture as well as Chinese lives.

Chaoyang Theater is a world-class acrobatic theater and the performers are highly trained, so you can see breathtaking performances and great skills here. Great skills like Plate Spinning, Pagoda of Bowls, Jujitsu, Partner Stunt, Ballgame Skill and Shoulders Ballet won many awards world class competition. They are also eye paradises to audience eyes.

The wonderful Acrobatics Shows performed twice a day. They are the most popular acrobatics shows in China. After enjoyed the breathtaking shows, you can buy a recording of the performance in DVD to take back as a memory from Beijing.

Chaoyang Theater covers an area of 3000 square meters, and can sit up to 1400 spectators. The shows here appeal to audiences of all ages from around the world. The charm of the shows lies in their distinctive features of the modern and Beijing tradition. Therefore it acts as a cultural bridge between Chinese and the world. Some Peking Opera and cross talk performances also can be seen here.

The tickets fee vary from 280 to 880 Yuan according to different seating areas, with the seats in row 8 and 9 are the most expensive ones, while the seats in row 1 to 4 are the cheapest. Shows are performed twice every night. It is a very good way to relax by watching amazing Chinese Acrobats at Chaoyang Theater.

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How to Get There?
Take metro line 10 and get off at Hujialou Station Or take bus 9、112、118、101、830、846、859、420、611、113、801、729、113 and get off at Hujialou Station

Ticket Price:
Vary from 280 to 880

Opening Hours:
17:15-18:15 and 19:15-20:30 every night

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