Jindinghu Ski Resort

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General Introduction

Jindinghu Ski Resort is located in Beijing Jingdinghu Tourist Resort which is the largest tourist resort in Beijing suburbs, 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing, covering the developing area of about 9.88 square kilometers. Located in the northeast of Juge Village of Miyun County, Beijing Jingdinghu Tourist Resort mainly combines sports industry with tourist industry, boasting picturesque natural scenery. In Jindinghu Tourist Resort, there is a 35-meter-deep lake with the area of 1,550,000 square meters. The famous Jingdinghu Ski Resort is located by the lake. Though Beijing-Miyun freeway, it takes about 45 minutes to drive from downtown Beijing to Miyun.

Various Skiing Pistes

Meticulously planned and designed, Jindinghu Ski Resort is built through the introduction of the advanced technology from foreign countries. It’s equipped with a 1,300-meter-long training piste, a 700-meter-long primary piste, a 360-meter-long intermediate piste, a 140-meter-long child piste, a snow motorcycle track and a snowboard piste, which can meet the demands of skiers of various levels including skiing enthusiasts, skiing beginners and snowboarding lovers. The maximum number of visitors that the ski resort can receive is 3,000.

All-Round Building

In Jindinghu Ski Resort, there is an all-round comprehensive building covering an area of over 10,000 square meters, containing a business hall, VIP lounges, ski equipment rental stores, ski equipment exclusive shops, western and Chinese fast-food restaurants, bars and coffee houses. Besides, by the lake, there are 20 villas of European style with the area of over 6,000 square meters, where skiers can get accommodation. In winters, the frozen lake with the 1,550,000 square meters is also available for skating.

Parking Lot

In Jindinghu Ski Resort, there is a large parking lot, which can accommodate 250 vehicles (including 50 coaches and 200 cars) simultaneously.

Solo Adventure Tips:


The tourism resort is situated northeast to the Jugezhuang village that is 15 kilometers from Miyun town center and 80 kilometers from downtown Beijing.

How to Get There?

Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen Long-Distance Bus Station to Miyun bus station, and then take a taxi from Miyun bus station to Juge Village.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

8:30 to 21:30

More Tips:

Tel: 010-69087906
Recommended Visiting Duration: 4 hours

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