Jinhai (golden sea) Lake

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Located on the north of Haizi Village and on the eastern side of Pinggu District, Jinhai Lake is about 85 kilometers away from the city center of Beijing, sitting of the tip of a triangle that connects Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan and surrounded by mountain on three sides (east, west and north). Also known as Golden Sea Lake, it borrows this name from the nearby Grand Gold Hill, which is well-known for being a rich gold resource.

Jinhai Lake site includes Haizi Reservoir and a 27 square kilometer surrounding area. Haizi Reservoir covers a surface of 6.6 square kilometers and is the 3rd largest reservoir in Beijing with a capacity of 120 million liters of water. Initially erected in 1959, it was rebuilt in 1968 and expanded in 1974. Jinhai Lake site first opened to the public in 1985 and has become quite a popular destination since then.

Things to do

Camel Peak is one of the most famous spots in Jinhai Lake. Legend has it that a camel convoy was passing by this spot in the 17th century. Suddenly earth cracked underneath their feet and all camels but one fell in a huge hole that was formed. The very one that escaped the hole fell on the top of the hill and its legs got stuck between the rocks of the hill. That is how Camel Peak was formed. Sunset is the best time to view Camel Peak and take gorgeous pictures of the peak in a pink and orange background.

Placed on the top of Lanyu Hill, Huguang Tower is another popular site of Jinhai Lake. More than 30 meters high, this seven-storey tower is built in an octagon structure. It bears 56 bells –one placed on each corner of the tower- which ring by the wind and 168 decorative animal heads made out of clay.

Heng Hill holds the place of the most impressive site around the area. Furnished with pines and cypresses, its shape resembles a dragon diving into the lake. Various caves and fascinating rock formations make hiking on this hill an amazing experience. Two huge marks that feature giant footsteps encouraged a legend that Immortal Erlang stepped on the hill. But that’s not the only story that comes with this place. It is also believed that this was the very place where two Taoists, Dong and Ge, fashioned pills of immortality in ancient times by capturing vital energy from the hill.
Jinhai Lake can be an all-year destination.

Besides its natural beauty it is a popular choice among people who enjoy water related activities. Lake cruising, water slides and water motorbike driving are a few of the activities the visitor can try in spring and summer when the weather is good. Ice skating is a nice choice for the winter when the lake frizzes. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy amazing views of colorful yellow, orange and red leaves during fall foliage season. Fishing is a popular activity throughout the year. Annual events such as Jinhai Lake Kite Festival and Dragon Boat Race attract both local and foreign crowds.  

Solo Adventure Tips:


Jinhaihu Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

How to Get There?

First take bus number 918 from Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station in Beinjin and get off at Pinggu. From there take minibus number 9 and get off at Jinhaihu.

Ticket Price:

Adults 28 Yuan
Students and seniors (over 60 years old) pay half ticket (14 Yuan per person)
Journalists (both active and retired) enter for free

Opening Hours:
7: am to 6: 30 pm

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