Jiufeng National Forest Park

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Jiufeng National Forest Park (鹫峰国家森林公园) is located in northwest of Beijing City, about 2 kilometers from Zhongguancun high science and technology park and 18 kilometers from the Summer Palace. Jiufeng National Forest Park is one of the national forest parks that are nearest to Beijing City. Jiufeng means “vulture peak” in Chinese, and the park got its name because its two peaks are just like two vultures soaring while seen from distance. Jiufeng National Forest Park is a science popularization activity base for teenagers at present, and in history, Jiufeng was one of the seventy-two barracks of the Liao Dynasty. The park covers a total area of 832.04 hectares, with the annual average temperature of about 12.2 ℃. Its main peak is 465 meters above the sea level, and the highest peak in the park is 1,153 meters high that is the second highest peak in Haidian District.

Jiufeng National Forest Park consists of three main scenic areas, including Jiufeng Central Area (鹫峰中心区), Zhai’er yu Area (寨儿峪谷壑区) and Luobadi Area (萝芭地山顶区). Jiufeng Central Area is located in the central part of the park, mainly including historical sites and natural landscape, such as the first seismographic station made in China, Xiangtang Temple (响塘庙) of the Qing Dynasty, Xiufeng Temple of the Ming Dynasty (秀峰寺), Puzhao Temple of the Jin Dynasty (普照寺), Jiufeng Village of the Liao Dynasty (鹫峰山庄), Guanyin Cave (观音洞) and ancient path. Zhai’er yu Area is characterized by artificial forest landscape, spectacular rock landform and various plants. It boasts 15 famous scenic spots, such as imperial palace of the Queen Mother of the West. Luobadi Area is located over 900 meters above the sea level, boasting immense forests, plentiful wild blossoms and alpine meadow.

The park has complete facilities for tourists, including topflight rooms, large-scale restaurants which can accommodates 400 persons simultaneously, karaoke, recreation room and billiard room. Besides, there are also a series of rich activities, such as outward development, camping, barbecues and bonfire evening parties. In a word, the park integrates teaching, researching, meeting, vocation, films, popularization of science and summer camp.

Jiufeng National Forest Park is the paradise for little animals, such as pheasants, hares, roe deer, squirrels and various kinds of birds and insects. Over the years, the park is used as the experimental and practice for Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Normal University, Peking University and Beijing Petroleum University.

Trees: With the forest coverage rate of 96.2%, Jiufeng Natioanl Forest Park abounds with various species of trees, such as Chinese pines, Pinus armandi, wild apricot, acer truncatum, oak trees and oriental arborvitae in thousands of postures. Jiufeng forest park boasts over 300 ancient trees which are thousands of years old. The park can be ranked as a treasure house for plants, with 684 species of plants in total.

Mountains: Mountains of Jiufeng Park are spectacular and precipitous.

Historical Sites: Jiufeng Park has an abundance of historical sites, and it has been approved as an important heritage site under state protection by Cultural Relic Bureau of Haidian District. Due to its numerous human landscape, the park’s natural scenery and brilliant culture combines closely. Main scenic spots include Mt. Jiu, Jiufeng Villa, Viewing Area of red leaves, greenhouse, specimen room, Xiufeng Temple, Xiangtang Temple, Monk Tower, Jinxian Nunnery, Yang’s Garden, Bei’s Garden, seismographic station site, Muchun Pavilion and red leaves area.

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How to Get There?

Take No. 346 Bus from the Summer Palace to Bei’anhe Village, and go then for 800 meters to the west. For self-driving: Badaling Expressway-Beiqing Road-Jiufeng National Forest Park

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15 yuan per person in peak period; 10 yuan per person in off season

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5:00 to 20:30

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